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CEO Message – It is evident that today, technology and education have become two fundamental areas for our society. - February 5, 2020 - 0 comments

CEO Message - February 2020

It is evident that today, technology and education have become two fundamental areas for our society, in that everyone has access to education within the field of information technology. 

Considering this, we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn and use technology on every level. This means, for example, people being able to access the internet or search for information. With the use of technology, one can easily reach out for help when he or she finds themselves in a difficult situation or passing through a difficult time. 

I would like to see that everyone is able to use technology to better their life and because of this, I believe that education within the use of digital services is most certainly crucial. One of’s main responsibilities is that we see technology being equally implemented in each level of society.

We will continue to build on current projects, among others, with a particular project in mind  Women For IT. This project’s core protagonists are women, whose life so far hasn’t been so merciful to them. These women are being encouraged to educate themselves within the field of technology, and through this can enter the working world

hope that you would approach us if you are coming from an organization that could collaborate, or if somebody you know can benefit from this opportunity. We want to work with you so that thanks to technology we can open new horizons in each field within our society.     

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