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Board Member (2019 - APR 2020)

Ms. Marouska Pisani Bugeja (2019 – APR 2020)

Ms Marouska Pisani Bugeja  is presently responsible for the Business Development of one of the top local  media companies, responsible directly for the strategic planning of the marketing campaigns of the company’s clients..

With over 15 years of experience in the Media industry within the private sector, she has specialized both in the marketing sector, as well as directly involved in various TV and commercial productions.

Ms Pisani Bugeja  is also the Media Adviser  at the Parliamentary Secretariat for EU Funds and Social Dialogue.

The extensive in depth and practical knowledge, management and business administration is being supported by an undergoing Msc in Management.

Ms.  Marouska Pisani Bugeja (2019 – APR 2020)

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