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Board Member (2019 - APR 2020)

Mr. Raymond Spiteri (2019 – APR 2020)

Mr. Raymond Spiteri is a Global Territory Development Manager currently expanding the Foster Clark Products brand portfolio across Africa and Asia, and with prior operations in Europe and the Middle East. He is a highly innovative, practical and successful market maker, dealing with regions challenged by major culture differences, political and economic stability issues, extremism and violence, health scares and more.
Raymond creates brand space with a penetration strategy based on market intelligence, and translates opportunity into profitable sales and hard currency. The regions he currently supports match the largest Global High Tech Organisation long term strategies, leveraging high volume low income markets that are relatively untapped. His customised distribution networks deliver regional growth and perform over the long term, enabling further global penetration and portfolio expansion at Foster Clark Products, Malta’s own product export champion.
Appointed to the Board in September 2018.

Mr.  Raymond Spiteri (2019 – APR 2020)