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At our primary aim is to assist the local Technology sector to grow and flourish, and to strategically explore areas around the globe where we can attract Foreign Direct Investment. is committed to assist tech companies based in Malta in exporting their technologies, as well as to assist in enabling sales channels for export for the Technology industry. In doing so providing an ecosystem that allows companies to be exposed to opportunities, and nurturing the local economy to safeguard our excellent performance so that industries maintain their investments and growth in Malta.

Keeping up with innovation is key for Malta, we constantly strive to adopt innovative technologies and learn from what others are doing. In this respect, commits to facilitate innovation in technologies such as: Cloud Applications, Internet of Things, Distributed Ledger Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Regulatory Technology, and Big Data Analytics.

Our main commitment lies in pointing technology companies in the right direction. Through expert advice, solution driven services and a platform for participation in local and international events, we seek to facilitate connections for businesses to expand or internationalise.

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Through this new project we aim to position Malta as an attractive working location with the European tech industry. Moreover, will actively promote Malta with specific foreign universities and work closely with local education institutions to engage the student community within its initiatives.

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Mark Bugeja
Today is another important 'Block in the Chain' of events that the government embarked upon a couple of years ago.
I'm proud to be part of this capable team of governors composed of members of the Government and the Chamber, and I am sure we will keep the name of Malta on the forefront of this emerging digital economy.

— Mark Bugeja


Francois Grech
Our aim is to position Malta as a reputable tech centre and to assist local tech companies to reach beyond our shores through a number of initiatives.

— Francois Grech

Deputy Chairman

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