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Elevating Experiences, Amplifying Success

Welcome to inMalta Voices, a blog series showcasing testimonials from businesses that attended inMalta 2023. The campaign aims to share their experiences, highlighting the real-world benefits and opportunities gained through their participation. Our goal is to use these insights to boost interest and visibility for inMalta 2024, offering a glimpse into the value the event brings to its attendees.

Tech in

The Tech In campaign simply and effectively communicates technology’s role as an essential component of modern business and societal development, emphasizing its value in driving progress and efficiency.

Past Campaigns

Tech(nically) Funded

The Tech(nically) Funded campaign is based on the grants and incentives campaign. It is set to promote the financial access and resources tech companies and start-ups in Malta can benefit from.

Tech of the Week

Through the Tech of the Week Campaign, the foundation aims to highlight companies’ successes and developments in the local technology industry. strives to promote the local technology sector by showcasing the local talent and their significant contribution towards digital economy.

Tech Heads

With the aim of showcasing the sector’s successes, collaborated with Lovin Malta to produce a series of success stories, ‘Tech Heads’, which also serves as a promotional platform to start-ups.

The adoption of IoT in Malta

From the voice of Maltese IoT services providers and integrators within various sectors, the study by provides multiple scenarios of the diversified application of IoT across multiple sectors of the Maltese economy.

Cyber Security Awareness

As part of the Cyber Security Malta, collaborates with the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) and the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) to deliver educational video episodes about Security in the Digital Economy towards a safer future.

Tech 101 – Tech Terms

The Tech 101 campaign was created to educate the general population about common tech terms and encourage the public to take an interest in and adopt tech.