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Student Membership welcomes applications from students who would like to join the community, participate in our initiatives and support efforts to promote Malta as a technology and innovation hub of choice.

Student Membership

Why Become a Student Member? student membership is open to all individuals currently undergoing studies and interested in Malta as the Tech Hub of choice.


How to Apply for Membership

  1. Complete the registration form below
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Malta’s potential in the technology sector is growing and so are the opportunities.

At we have always been committed to support and nurture a strong talent pool in turn, satisfying the demand of the current and future local Tech industry. We strive to assist students during and after their studies while also providing a platform for start-ups, students and academia to promote their work and celebrate their success.

This, through various initiatives that we have ongoing. One to mention is the strategic partnership with industry-leading experts to assist students and academia in taking their innovative business ideas forward. Through this initiative, partners share their business knowledge, industry experience and skills with beneficiaries to help them create a holistic business model. aims to motivate start-ups in being more open to a digital future and ensure that their business is agile and ready to adopt new innovative ideas. Furthermore, strives to provide different opportunities for young entrepreneurs to assist them in upskilling and discover new prospects for their business.


Cooperation agreements

Students who wish to further their studies can now benefit from a cooperation agreement between, the University of Malta and eight Italian Universities which aims to give students the possibility to further their education within the technological industry. Through this collaboration, spearheaded by, the University of Malta partnered with the University of Camerino, University of Catania, University of Ferrara, University of Genoa, University of Milano, University of Perugia, University of Piemonte Orientale and the University of Verona. All universities are constantly developing new study areas within the fields of computer science, engineering and medical bioinformatics amongst others.

This agreement enables enhanced collaboration through student exchanges, organization of conferences, courses and seminars. Through this collaboration aims to facilitate networking and socio economical discussions between Italy and Malta while creating innovative study paths and joint research possibilities for students to discover further opportunities. is further collaborating with the University of Malta on many other initiatives. One to mention is the collaboration with the University of Malta Racing (UoMR) – a team of students who have designed and are currently building a Formula Style race car. Through our efforts we aim at showcasing this exceptional talent on a local and international level.


Support innovative ideas

At we always strive to support innovative ideas by students and start-ups and provide them with the right tools to take their ideas to the next level. We are supporting young entrepreneurs by facilitating connections and providing them with the right tools to expand their innovations. An Entrepreneurs’ Handbook has been compiled by, which equips students with all the necessary practical information on what it entails to be an entrepreneur. This provides information on financials, operations, marketing analysis, research and marketing tactics amongst other industry-relevant topics.


The best of Maltese talent

At we don’t just strive to build a strong talent pool and to satisfy demand of the current and future local industry, but we also seek to recognize and celebrate the best of Maltese talent, ambition and achievement in multiple categories of our digital ecosystem. The eBusiness Awards, powered by, will be launched this July with a dedicated award for Best ICT Academic Dissertation. The eBusiness Awards are a prestigious endorsement of Maltese success in delivering projects, initiatives, solutions or other achievements in the digital realm. We invite you to submit your projects for these awards and/or get in touch to learn more about how we can support you in your future endeavours.



Membership Policy has the sole discretion for accepting new members on a case by case basis. may decide to suspend/ decline an application suspend or expel an existing membership, if the member (or any of its executives) has otherwise been condemned for any material breach of any applicable law or regulation by any relevant Authority, after any right of appeal, where applicable, is exhausted.

Student Membership is valid as long as the individual is still undertaking studies. 

The Foundation is not bound to publish or otherwise communicate the reasons for declining a membership application, or suspending or expelling an existing member, and the applicant/ existing member or any of its executive directors/ partners will have no right to contest or challenge’s decision.

Suspension of membership may be lifted once it is satisfied, upon sufficient proof being presented to it, that the member or its executive directors/ partners has/have acted in good faith and that the member or any of its executive director/ partner’s actions did not in any way tarnish Malta’s reputation.