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Malta: The Tech Hub of Choice

Leading through Innovation
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An attractive epicentre for Foreign Direct Investment

Malta ranks 6th out of 27 EU Member States in the 2021 edition of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI)

Malta’s strengths in the use of information technologies, intellectual assets and environmental sustainability, highlighted in the EU Innovation Scoreboard 2021

The GDP projection for 2022 is optimistic, at 5.8%, implying that Malta’s economy will resume pre-pandemic levels of activity in mid-2022 (European Commission forecast)

Continuous positive credit ratings throughout the years, with the GVA for the information and communications sector, standing  at 9.8% (Eurostat 2020)

A strategic location, being within three hours direct flight time from Europe’s major financial and tech centres.

The value of setting-up shop in Malta

Highly educated and productive local workforce

Entitlement of non-resident persons to various levels of tax refunds, based on Malta’s full imputation tax system

Digitally equipped – SMEs within Malta perform well in the use of technologies such as big data (31%) and cloud solutions (38%) (DESI 2021)

Robust nation-wide connectivity

As per DESI 2021, Malta scores above the EU average in the area of online public services for businesses (with a score of 95 in Malta versus 84 in the EU)

MALTA: THE TECH HUB OF CHOICE - The Tech Hub of Choice

Our Eco System

Malta's Eco System as a Tech Hub

About aims to position Malta as a quality, creative, tech-savvy country, and promote Malta as a suitable set-up for foreign direct investment, whilst also promoting the local technological industries abroad.

The Pillars of - Promote, Innovate Talent, Assist

The Value We Bring

Knowledge about incentives and funding


Access to global markets

Market assessment reports and industry insights

Participation in local and international events

Guidance and Support


Start UP

Funding Opportunities

Malta has various funding opportunities offered through Malta Enterprise, The Malta Development Bank (MDB), and The Malta Council for Science & Technology (MCST), to name a few.

Our Initiatives

Strategic Partnership with Industry has collaborated with industry leaders to provide assistance to start-ups and/or students with an innovative concept but no knowledge or experience to move their concept forward.

Strategic Partnership Testimonials -

Valletta Tech Summit

The Valletta Tech Summit aims to put Malta on the map when it comes to technology by inviting international and national speakers, exhibitors and attendees to this bi-yearly conference and expo. We aim to bring together the great minds of the tech and creative industries under one (virtual) roof.

eBusiness Awards

The eBusiness awards aid in the promotion of the most innovative initiatives in the domain of eBusiness for development and to spread awareness about the role of web-based technologies in addressing social and economic concerns.

Global Communication Network (World Map Credits To NASA)

Projects is the proud administrator of various projects and initiatives to support and promote the tech sector in Malta.

RESEARCH works with all ecosystem players to develop comprehensive reports and policy recommendations to explore the application of emerging technologies and help create the right market conditions for technology to flourish.

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