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The official inauguration of the offices in Żejtun was held in February 2021. was established in 2019 by the Government of Malta and the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry in a private-public partnership, with the aim of promoting Malta as a tech centre for innovative technologies within industry verticals.’s mandate is to seek sectorial growth and assist the technology ecosystem in establishing itself as a leading contributor to Malta’s GDP. As such, shall be instrumental in taking the technology industry to the next level, as it will seek to make the world notice the huge potential the technology sector in Malta has to offer. 

Created on the key priority fields of technology and innovation not only aims to elevate Malta’s status as a quality Tech provider on both a local and international platform but also strives to act as the interlinking force between Government, Industry and Academia. To realise Malta’s vision to become a tech centre for innovative technologies, builds its strategy onto four main pillars – those of Promotion, Innovation, Talent and Assistance. Through the combined relevance of all four pillars, aims to provide the means through which established local tech organisations may export their technology overseas and by which foreign investors may equally set up new technological ventures in Malta. As part of its strategy, also focuses on providing tech students with the opportunity to present and enhance their research, and finally to also provide the support to local tech start-ups. 

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