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Digital Transformations Launching Us To The Next Decade - October 14, 2019 - 0 comments

As the globe unites into one digital continent, we must push ourselves into new paths of technology and be part of the digital transformation that will take us to the next decade.

Today, the notion of technology and innovation driving productivity and economic growth is indisputable. What was before tainted with unrealistic expectations and uncertainty is now at the top of the agenda of governments, international and private corporations. The relentless surge of major technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, Internet of Things, Big Data, and Cloud Computing has enabled a new and exciting synergy between government, industry and academia. Inevitably, such synergies require the proper nurturing and support in order to thrive and align themselves towards an integrated and unified objective.

Created on the key priority fields of technology and innovation, will be pioneering the technology sector to another level. not only aims to elevate Malta’s status as a quality Tech provider on both a local and international platform but also strives to act as the interlinking force between government, industry and academia. To realise Malta’s vision to become a tech centre for innovative technologies, builds its strategy onto four main pillars – Promotion, Innovation, Talent and Assistance.

Dana Farrugia
“We will be pioneering the technology sector to another level”

— Dana Farrugia

CEO - Tech.MT

In line with its mission, participated in the DELTA Summit, Malta’s official Blockchain and Digital Innovation event held during the first week of October. With a drive to enhance the potential of the Technology industry in Malta, DELTA Summit presented with the chance to explore different business networks and engage with the global technology community, whilst serving as a great opportunity to promote Malta as the technology hub of choice and celebrate the country’s favourable regulatory environment and its pioneering initiatives in the disruptive technology sector.

This year also took over the organisation of ZEST, a conference and networking event within DELTA Summit focusing on digital disruption, innovation, and technology business. has successfully continued the ZEST tradition with inspiring keynotes, fiery debates, and engaging discussions featuring international experts and Malta’s very own tech heroes. By exposing Malta’s ecosystem and showcasing its potential, ZEST acts as a platform to reveal what opportunities the integration of technology can offer.

Bringing together a global community of entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors, ZEST will always serve as a window of opportunity to generate new leads and build effective relationships and business ideas. We pledge to place Malta as the technology hub of choice. At we strongly believe that we should constantly expose our minds to this challenging digital evolution and involve ourselves in what we might not fully understand.

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