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“ shall be instrumental in taking the prolific tech industry to the next level, building on the strengths that it already enjoys and move forward to new ambitious highs” said Frank V. Farrugia, President of the Malta Chamber, welcoming guests to the official launch of on 25th March.

Addressing attendees, Mr Farrugia said that the Chamber together with Government, had been working on such a collaboration for a number of years. “I am delighted today to witness its birth” he said.

“Discussions with Government on this subject started a while back with then Ministers responsible for this sector, Dr Jose’ Herrera and Dr Emmanuel Mallia, who I thank for their interest and help. After a long process, whereby experts on both sides met up to determine the best way forward, I am pleased to see this foundation being launched” the President noted.

Mr Farrugia proceeded to explain how shall assist tech companies based in Malta in exporting their information and communications technology beyond Malta’s shores. “ shall do this by enabling the necessary sales channels for the export of Information and communications technology, while positioning Malta as a quality and creativity delivery country. Doing this, our Public Private Partnership shall expand the value of Malta’s ICT industry, as it will seek to attract international conferences on key tech areas and facilitate innovation in new technologies”

“Through this new project we aim to position Malta as an attractive working location with the European tech industry. Moreover, will actively promote Malta with specific foreign universities and work closely with local education institutions to engage the student community within its initiatives” Mr Farrugia said.

“With these clear aims,, I am convinced shall be instrumental in taking this prolific industry to the next level, building on the strengths that it already enjoys and move forward to new ambitious highs. I appeal to all practitioners in the field of tech, to come forward and talk to the Chamber and see for themselves how we can help them” the Chamber President concluded.

The press conference was also addressed by the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation the Hon Silvio Schembri. “Through Tech.MT, Malta will be actively promoted in foreign fairs, conferences as well as educational institutions such as universities. The interest in Malta and its activity within this new emerging sector was quite remarkable, giving rise to companies which had already announced their decision of relocating to Malta. Tech.MT will be supporting these companies by assisting them in promoting their services away from our shores” said Schembri.

The Parliamentary Secretary added that strengthening our workforce’s digital skills within the digital realm, and beyond has topped the national agenda. ‘We want youths to be part of our vision, in fact one of the Government’s appointee on the board will be that of a student representative who shall chair the youth sub-committee that will support the governors’ vision and help them to keep abreast with student’s education aspirations related to these tech areas’ said Schembri.

Taking the floor, chairman Mr Mark Bugeja said “Today is another important ‘Block in the Chain’ of events that the government embarked upon a couple of years ago. I’m proud to be part of this capable team of governors composed of members of the Government and the Chamber, and I am sure we will keep the name of Malta on the forefront of this emerging digital economy.” is a Foundation set up by the Government of Malta together with the Malta Chamber as a Public Private Partnership to promote Malta as a tech centre for innovative technologies. is composed of Mr Mark Bugeja (Chairman), Mr Francois Grech (Deputy Chairman), Mr Frank V. Farrugia, Gordon Micallef, Roland Scerri, Charles Scerri, Marouska Pisani Bugeja, Raymond Spiteri and Jilian Spiteri

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