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The Public Internet Access Point

Community Free WiFi

The Public Internet Access Point project involves the setting up of free Wi-Fi Internet points in locations frequented by the community. The project is intended to promote the usage of Internet by means of portable devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones, away from home or the office desk.

The Wi-Fi points enable users to connect to the Internet at any time of the day. All the Internet points are filtered against inappropriate and unlawful content so as to offer a safer Internet environment particularly for minors.

Having access to ICT is as important as having access to basic utilities. ICT is no longer an amusement machine but rather an indispensable tool for communication, work and learning purposes.

Tech.MT is currently responsible for over 400 Wi-Fi connections around Malta and Gozo and, in collaboration with its various partners, is offering at least 4 Wi-Fi connections in every town or city.

Public organisations are invited to come forward and participate in the project. Interested NGOs and public entities such as local councils are encouraged to contact Tech.MT for more information on - Free WiFi Logo 2021