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Online platforms (e.g. eLearning, eHealth, eCommerce)

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AcrossLimits is a dynamic SME based in Malta with 20 years of experience in over 60 EU projects. We offer creative technology solutions, and provide specialist consultancy services, to many European countries. We are very active in various international programs covering diverse areas of interest which include: eLearning, eHealth, eGovernment, Entrepreneurship, digital culture and in the refinement of business models making them suitable for the upcoming Single Digital Market. We are strong networkers and, thanks to years of presence on the European stage, we have links to all sectors – academia, NGOs, businesses and governments. AcrossLimits maintains strong links with the business angel and investor communities in Europe and beyond, and assists in the creation of startup companies for research entities and consortia who want to take their results to market.

Company Reg. No: C28305
Years in Operation: 11+
Area of Business: Product Platform Development, Consultancy and Training
Industries/Expertise: Communications Media, Education, Government, Healthcare, Nonprofit, Services, EU opportunities, project funding, networking, training, online platform development
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