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Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap Project is composed of two schemes, a Cybersecurity Self-Assessment owned and managed by the MDIA, and the Cybersecurity Improvement Scheme owned and managed by in promotional collaboration with MCA. The project’s primary objective is to provide an easily accessible opportunity for local e-commerce service providers to gain insight into their cybersecurity maturity levels and provide financial assistance in improving their relevant cybersecurity standing. Role – Cybersecurity Improvement Scheme

The Cybersecurity Improvement scheme provides funding for applicants who had previously undergone the Cybersecurity Self-Awareness programme to invest in improving the cybersecurity maturity of their e-commerce service platforms. The scheme will cover costs related to cybersecurity matters that are to be improved upon through the investment done by the applicant, other funds invested on either the appointment of Technical Experts or purchasing of Equipment, including other expenses in line with the criteria defined in the project following the self-assessment scheme application.

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