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Developing Digital Skills in eSports: can pave your way in tech prospects. - November 19, 2021 - 0 comments is privileged to have visited the recently established World Pro Racing Facility in Hal Farrug, which is dedicated to supporting innovation and technology on a national and international scale.

The relevance of World Pro Racing and’s work lies in their alignment, as multiple stakeholders may benefit from prospects in technology, including the eSports sector and beyond. Additionally, and WPR seek to stimulate the Maltese talent further as they both prove that international stakeholders opt for Malta as the tech hub of choice. is honoured to commemorate the inauguration of a new training and development centre, a cutting-edge facility that offers a variety of chances, including virtual experiences and new tech career opportunities. is privileged to have visited the recently established World Pro Racing Facility in Hal Farrug, dedicated to supporting innovation and technology on a national and international scale.

With a €300,000, the World Pro Racing Facility consists of 17 simulators.

Technology and esports are intrinsically tied. Tech. mt’s visit to World Pro Racing sought to establish commonalities between the two domains. ‘It was a great pleasure to have and Ms Dana Farrugia at our facility along with her colleagues’, said Mr Justin Mifsud, Founder and CEO of World Pro Racing.

The WPR facility gives local esports players a platform to develop their skills in a professional environment. The primary determinants are reaching local and international communities, and investments and promotion are required to raise awareness of these areas further. Similarly, throughout this visit, the necessity of early education awareness was discussed, envisaging tomorrow’s talent. Visits World Pro Racing eSports Facility in Malta

‘I believe that esports is not just about the athlete only, but there is an enormous list of employment opportunities around it, especially when it comes to technology’, added Mr Mifsud. Apart from this, it is to WPR’s satisfaction to cater to people with disabilities in sim racing.

The importance of World Pro Racing and Tech. mt’s efforts rest in its alignment since numerous stakeholders, including those in the esports industry and beyond, may profit from technological advancements in the future. Additionally, and WPR both aim to further encourage the development of Maltese talent by demonstrating to international stakeholders that Malta is a desirable location for a technology cluster.

Ultimately, aims to encourage and promote innovation and technology use across all industries.

Fundamentally, the esports business is a technology-driven industry. All operations within this sector are technologically enabled, whether through multimedia, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or software development. Through tech advancements, simulation software nowadays has become more realistic than ever. High-powered GPUs, high-accuracy peripherals, and powerful and dependable internet connections are all used in modern gaming (and esports), all of which would have been inconceivable just a few years ago in terms of performance.

In almost every element of the industry, esports technology has advanced significantly. Every esports element relies on technological tools, from powerful computers that run the latest games at optimum performance to the best esports gaming displays that allow players to make split-second judgments as accurately as possible. Not only have these advances created training options for those interested in pursuing an athletic career in racing, but also for those interested in pursuing a career in esports, allowing them to harness their digital talents. Visits World Pro Racing eSports Facility in Malta

The World Pro Racing Facility (WPR), which was established with a €300,000 investment, consists of 17 simulators that run on the rFactor two platform and include all of the necessary services for adjudication and race direction of online and offline races, as well as a telemetry room with all the necessary broadcasting facilities, and a studio that can be used for a variety of purposes, including hosting race commentators and educational and informative programs. This new centre aims to provide possibilities for young people and students pursuing media studies courses by allowing them to develop their digital abilities in a virtual environment, ultimately leading to a career in esports.

Other than the benefits provided to athletes and sim racers, motorsport engineers are also developing these cars, similar to real-life operations and procedures. Designers and developers are examples of those who can have an opportunity within the tech sector and esports. The accurate assembly of 3D modelled automobiles will further enhance a drivers’ experience prior to driving on the real track, allowing engineers more job opportunities.

Alongside Ms Dana Farrugia, Mr Justin Mifsud continued discussing the potentials of fruitful collaborations between and WPR to continue promoting our local product and talent and attracting visitors and stakeholders to our beautiful country. Ms Farrugia, CEO at highlights that, ‘It is fascinating where software development is taking us and in Malta we can boast of an elevated product that is surprising virtual reality experts from across the globe’.

In this regard, provides the essential support to develop local innovation in the technology sector, which is currently regarded as one of the fastest expanding sectors. From supporting you in applying for the essential grants and incentives to introduce you to numerous opportunities and connections within the technology industry. has the resources necessary to pave the way for any technology potential across different businesses.

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