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Moving Towards a Digital Nation

Tech.MT - August 7, 2020 - 0 comments

Tech Supplement in Collaboration with Times of Malta

Over the years, emerging technologies have fuelled innovation and transformed entire industries. While there are significant opportunities to be realised by exploring these technologies to innovate and create new sources of value, this digitalisation has put pressure on companies to reflect on their current strategy and explore new business opportunities systematically and at early stages.

Speed has become a huge source of value whether measured by faster decision-making or how quickly an organisation can go from ideation to revenue. In this race to pursue digital transformation and harness emerging technologies, it is easy to forget about governance frameworks that encourage innovation while ensuring risks are identified and managed.

Malta has continued to emphasise the role of digital policies as the building blocks for economic growth and stands by its record on what has been achieved in recent years.

Dana Farrugia CEO
As a country we strive to have the right policies, the right mechanisms and the right commitments in place to truly embrace this new digital era.

— Dana Farrugia


We plan to continue making headlines around the world with our cutting-edge embrace of disruptive technology and innovation, as the first country to put in place a robust and holistic regulatory framework on blockchain, followed up with further work on artificial intelligence and the internet of things. The implementation of these strategies continued to build on various initiatives rolled out in the previous years on digitisation of business, digital skills and improvement of e-government services.

Ultimately, the deployment of new digitisation reforms will ensure that our economy is supported by the necessary instruments for positive growth and enhanced reputation. As a country, we strive to have the right policies, the right mechanisms and the right commitments in place to truly embrace this new digital era and prosper as a digitally enabled nation in all sectors of society. An exciting voyage is ahead of us.

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