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Moving Towards a Digital Nation

Moving Towards a Digital Nation

Over the years, emerging technologies have fuelled innovation and transformed entire industries. While there are significant opportunities to be realised by exploiting these technologies to innovate and create new sources of value, this digitalisation has put pressure on companies to reflect on their current strategy and explore new business opportunities systematically and at early stages. August 7, 2020 in collaboration with Gadgets Malta asked different companies a few questions about their service - FreeHour

Gadgets and teamed up once again to speak to Zach Ciappara, Founder & CEO of FreeHour Malta and see what it’s like getting into the business game at a very young age. Starting up a business is not an easy task, and is there to help you get the right contacts, the right investors, and deal with tech-related issues to get your project off the ground. September 9, 2020