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Share Digitisation Journey – Zach Ritchie - September 1, 2021 - 0 comments

As part of our mission to support businesses and individuals seeking to take the digitisation leap, met with Zack Ritchie – an illustrator and a creative thinker. Zack explains how technology can assist his development within the visual arts and speaks about his latest interest in his creative journey, using Blockchain and NFTs.

Zack placed 1st in the Live Pitch Contest as part of ‘Digital, Shaping the future of Art’ workshop organised by in collaboration with ARTZ ID.

“ can support an artist to make the transition from being an accomplished artist to a fully-fledged digital creator”
– Zach Ritchie. can take your endeavours further by guiding you towards having a digital and an online presence.

Get support on establishing a digial presence and
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