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Share x Artz ID Collaboration - August 17, 2021 - 0 comments

A x Artz ID Collaboration Inspires Artists to Expand their Digital Footprint

Technology is driving transformation across all industries and has been a significant game changer, including in the arts sector. Together with Artz ID, organised ‘Digital – Shaping the Future of Art’ workshop back in June. This workshop reflects’s commitment to support digitisation across all sectors and provide industry players with the assistance required in managing their projects to reach worldwide audiences, go through the digitilisation journey, establish their brand, and learn new digital skills to create or present their work.

Innovative ideas were further explored during a pitching session held in July. Zack Ritchie, a creative thinker and designer with a background in visual communication and advertising, won with his project ‘The Beppe Coin’.

Through this project Zack is looking to explore Non-Fungible Tokens (Nfts) and how these tokens can be used to add more value to collectors. The Nfts will not only be a visual artwork but will also offer the collectors exclusive perks that can be redeemed throughout the year. Zack believes that utility tokens are a new way to build a stronger relationship between token owners and the token creators. He sees Nfts as the future for artists and has been striving to build an Nft community on Instagram to promote other artists and share interesting tips.

Zack’s Creative Journey

Zack’s creative journey began by doodling on napkins at restaurants while waiting for food. From napkins to studying fine arts, he decided to move into graphic design, which led him to delve into the world of commercial branding and advertising.

“I am extremely passionate and driven about art and connecting with others. I have spent years, collaborating with other artists and collectors/commissioners. This support, thanks to Artz.ID and, will help me and hopefully inspire other artists to take on the same direction – making this the norm in the future.“
— Zack

The Pitch Event

Three other finalists participated in the pitch event which confirmed the pledge of artists towards digitisation. The vision in their individual projects acknowledges the commitment to introduce technology within the artistic sphere and their efforts in visualising their professional work through different channels. Their research ranged from digital marketing to artist representation and the use of nature to trigger responses for interactive work.

As CEO of, Dana Farrugia aspires to bring value to the arts in the future of our digital economy.

“Indeed, pledges its commitment to continue to support similar initiatives as well as companies and individuals in propelling their ideas to a wider audience through digitisation. Such events serve as a stepping-stone for individuals who are interested to learn about emerging technologies in their area of specialisation. The arts and technology industries reveal a synergy that results in outcomes which are beneficial for both technologists and artists, as well as for the social, cultural, and economic spheres,”
— Ms. Farrugia

Ms. Maria Galea, Founder of Artz.ID, feels that the creative economy has struggled a lot throughout the pandemic however, she believes that its creative, inquisitive and resilient nature has propelled it to take new forms on an international level.

“This collaboration was created to inspire, guide and facilitate the skills, awareness and support for creative professionals, through their understanding and exploration on how technology and the digital world can help them reach their goals, enhance or explore new creative skills, communicate and reach their audiences.”
— Ms. Maria Galea

The line-up for the two-day webinar, which led to the pitch live contest, included international and local speakers and was attended by various artists and art professionals. “We could have not chosen a better partner to work with than, as it is very important for us that our partners and collaborators share the same values and vision,” remarked Ms. Galea. is committed to continue supporting start-ups and individuals in digitising their ideas. Indeed, this is in line with’s mission to support new technologies in all sectors of the Maltese economy. Progressive artistic concepts along the years have changed the way art is created and shared, and technology has accelerated this development, in the midst of the pandemic. Technology has helped artists move past the boundaries and expand to new audiences. Today, artists need to perceive technology not only as an assistant in their creative projects but as a new medium which can transform the art world with powerful tools, to create highly immersive engaging art pieces.

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