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Helping mobile users maximise the use of their smartphone



The Get Smarter project is aimed at helping mobile users maximise the use of their smartphone. The project consists of an informative course, which takes the users through some very useful tools on a smartphone and offers interesting tips for effective usage.

The topics covered include:

  • The difference between mobile data and Wi-Fi;
  • Connecting to the Internet;
  • Pre-paid vs post-paid;
  • Mobile data tips;
  • Participating on social media;
  • Taking pictures and sharing them online through different apps;
  • Maintaining mobile phone privacy;
  • General mobile phone netiquette;
  • Malta Government Apps.


The training consists of four sessions of two hours each and is being offered to the general public free of charge. In order to facilitate participation, has scheduled the sessions at different times during the day, at various Local Councils and NGOS around Malta.

A booklet in Maltese will be provided to all participants in order to be able to follow the sessions as well as go through the instructions at any given time. The English version of this booklet will be available online.

This project is undertaken with the collaboration and support of the three leading mobile operators, GO, Melita and Vodafone as well as MITA, eSkills Foundation, and the Malta Communications Authority.

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