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Tender: The Supply of Free Wi-Fi Connections in Public Places

Specific Objectives

This Services Tender seeks proposals that provide:

  • An online portal to provide the function to activate and deactivate connections, including billing.
  • Reporting functionality which includes number of connections, disconnections, split by demographics allowed on the splash page.
  • A splash page which is mobile friendly, which includes a landing page that asks the user for basic information such as age, gender and nationality before accessing the free Wi-Fi connection, compatible with all operating systems.
  • All Wi-Fi connections are to be filtered against inappropriate and unlawful content. Such filtering is included in the price being proposed. Automation – Version 2.3 Departmental e-procurement document 16 .
  • Manage between 400 and 450 connections made up of different speeds according to the exigencies of the entity applying for the connection.


Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: 07/12/2021 09:30

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