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RFQ for Quotation for Accounting Services for

Specific Objectives

The accountant will be required to:

  • Credit Control;
  • Reconciliation of Bank Accounts and Maintenance of General Ledger;
  • Draft Management accounts for based on trial balance information submitted by internal accounting team;
  • Draft separate Management Accounts for EU related projects that is responsible for;
  • VAT Compliance Services.

Results to be achieved by the Accountant

The Accountant is expected to achieve the specific objectives listed above in compliance with the relevant legislation and in accordance with the pertinent standards regulating the profession.

 Conflicts of Interest is duty bound to adhere to the highest possible standards to avoid conflicts of interest. As a result, the selected external accountant must prove to be independent from management and staff.

The bidder should provide an affirmative statement that it is independent and bears no connection whatsoever with parties connected to or entities with which conducts business. The tenderer should also list and describe the organisation’s professional relationships involving connected parties for the past five (5) years, together with a statement explaining why such relationships do not constitute a conflict of interest relative to performing the proposed work. The chosen bidder should maintain its independence throughout the contract.


As accountants of, the appointed contractor will be expected to:

  1. Provide a high-level review of transactions in our Accounting Software together with the compilation of management accounts. Services will include assistance with the maintenance of the general ledger on our Accounting Software, including monthly reconciliation of the bank accounts; the provision of two sets of Management Accounts covering the period January to June 2022 and another one covering the period July to December 2022. The Management Accounts will include the budget for the period, and the variance between actual and budgeted figures.
  2. Tax compliance services. Assistance in this respect will include:
    • Assistance in the preparation of’s income tax computations, including, where necessary, schedules of capital allowances and balancing statements, computations of capital gains and other sub computations, as necessary;
    • Assistance in the preparation of the’s self-assessment tax returns including the statement of movements in reserves and other prescribed attachments, and the delivery of same to the Commissioner for Revenue on the company’s behalf once the documents have been signed by the company and returned to us for filing. may opt for electronic filing of the tax return, in which case it may appoint the accountant to act as an agent for this purpose;
    • Assistance in the payment of settlement tax and the remittance of cheques delivered to us for payment;
    • Reviewing tax statements, tax assessments and requests for payment issued to and referred to us and advising the companies on any action that may be competent to it with respect to statements, assessments and requests that do not agree with the tax computations; and
  3. Assistance with the drafting of the Financial Statements of the Foundation required for audit purposes, in accordance with GAPSME, including time spent liaising with the auditors and internal personnel.

Commencement Date & Period of Execution

This engagement is on a contractual basis and renewed every two years.


Proposals are to be received quoting a lump sum annual amount for one year ex. Vat. Additionally, a rate per hour ex vat for item (iii) as described in the responsibilities section is to be provided. All services must include time spent liaising with the third parties and internal personnel.


A CV of the person or persons engaged for this assignment are to be sent together with the quote for service. The person assigned to this contract must be a certified public accountant, preferably with two or more years of experience. Practical knowledge in the areas of direct and indirect taxation is expected.


Applications are to be submitted via email to

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