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RfQ: Research on the Technology Sector in Malta

High level Scope would like to commission a research to gain insight on the current technology sector in Malta, provide an outlook of global tech trends relevant to Malta’s tech sector, and provide recommendations for a future state of the sector in Malta.

As part of reaching the deliverables of this high-level scope, is seeking the services of a corporate service provider to assist in drafting the specifications and terms of reference of the tender document to contract such services.

Objectives requires the input of a corporate service provider to draft the specifications and terms of reference of a tender document to contract services in relation to research of the technology sector in Malta and beyond.

The corporate services provider will be required to deliver a document adequate to capture the requirements in the sections ‘Deliverables’. The document will be uploaded to the Government’s e-Procurement platform and should follow all regulations (and templates) as stipulated in the Manual of Procedures of the  Public Procurement Regulations, 2016 (SL 174.04).


This section outlines the deliverables that requires to be included in the specifications and terms of reference of the tender document. The corporate service provider entrusted with formulating the tender document is responsible to ensure that each area is represented in the best manner, including a macro angle as to how to best request for these requirements.

The corporate service provider entrusted with drafting the tender document is to suggest and advise on any additional areas that may be deemed important but are missing in the below list of deliverables. This is a guiding document for the corporate service provider assisting in drafting the tender document.

The corporate service provider shall discuss with what constitutes (the boundaries in defining) the tech sector, and what are the “indicators” based on which the research will be performed.

The results to be achieved by the research shall be to:

  • Provide an analysis of the state of the sector, the core challenges faced by the sector, and the extent to which’s strategy for 2022 is aligned to the state and needs of the sector.
  • Identify nation-wide sector developments and growth opportunities on the basis of
    • Malta’s demands from the tech sector (National)
    • The global tech outlook and Malta’s relevance in the global context (Global)
  • Provide recommendations to changes to national strategies related to the tech sector

The successful bidder shall have access to:

  •’s strategy & objectives for 2022
  • Output from the planned focus groups to be carried throughout 2022
  • mt’s online register
  • List of current and planned services offered by

Details of the deliverables expected are as follows, but not limited to:

  • Compile information on the demographics of the local tech sector including but not limited to who is the tech sector and what is it made of. would like to gain thorough understanding of the Tech Sector composition as per classification according to; product & services, verticals they service, size (turnover, employees), markets they are active in, markets they are targeting, unique selling propositions and challenges faced.
    Analyse the output from the focus groups that will be executed by / Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry
  • Analyse the services provided by and assess if these are aligned to the needs and the expectations of the sector.
  • Prepare a complete list of all local Government policy and incentives offered to the tech sector by the various Government entities and analyse/identify what has worked and what not addressing which incentives, government policies and schemes have been beneficial to support the business? Focus should be given to the participation in such schemes, assess how important were these schemes to sustain growth? Where schemes or policies failed, the successful bidder is to provide information on the reasons why these were not adequate or appealing to the sector.
  • Map and assess the local tech sector to global trends, using the SWOT analysis method and under techniques to analyse the impact on Malta of such global trends.
  • Delve into the readiness to scale by the tech companies, what challenges they are facing to scale both locally and internationally and whether they intend to internationalise.
  • Provide a Gant Chart/project plan displaying how each deliverable will be attained and the timeframes for task initiation and completion.

Conflicts of Interest is duty bound to adhere to the highest possible standards to avoid conflicts of interest. As a result, the selected corporate service provider must prove to be independent from management and staff.

The bidder should provide an affirmative statement that it is independent and bears no connection whatsoever with parties connected to or entities with which conducts business. The bidder should also list and describe the organisation’s professional relationships involving connected parties for the past five (5) years, together with a statement explaining why such relationships do not constitute a conflict of interest relative to performing the proposed work. The chosen bidder should maintain its independence throughout the contract.


Proposals are to be received quoting a lump sum excluding Vat. Additionally, a rate per hour excluding Vat must be included for any time spent liaising with the third parties and internal personnel if required.


The person or persons assigned to this contract must have a minimum MQF level 6 qualification in ICT or equivalent, preferably with a minimum of 3 years working in the areas of information technology.

A CV of the person or persons engaged for this assignment are to be sent together with the quote for service including the details of respective qualifications and a very brief description of their work history.

Conclusion requires a quote for services to draft this tender document. The document to be used to tender services for research in the technology sector in Malta and beyond, should be finalised and presented to by not later than 30 consecutive days from date of agreement.


Applications are to be submitted via email to

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