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The adoption of IoT in Malta Part 4 – Interview with GO - February 28, 2022 - 0 comments

Series: Internet of Things (IoT) in Malta

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to any technology that is connected to a network such as the internet. The technology senses or interacts with their internal state or the external environment and in turn, provides a better overall consumer experience. During 2021, explored the adoption of IoT among local businesses and investigated areas such as sectoral relevance, willingness to invest, barriers to adopt and effectiveness on business operations.

From the voice of Maltese IoT services providers and integrators within various sectors, the study by provides multiple scenarios of the diversified application of IoT across multiple sectors of the Maltese economy.

GO Interview

Do you have a virtual assistant while driving? Or perhaps your car has an inbuilt route planning system which makes your daily commute to work easier? You’re probably not aware that these are examples of what we refer to as the Internet of Things. Essentially, it’s any kind of technology that is connected to the internet and which provides a better experience for us, the consumers.

IOT affects our personal life, but not only. Businesses, of all sectors, today are implementing IOT in the services they deliver.

GO perceives connectivity as a crucial component of any IoT solution and has already seen businesses achieve great things through the implementation of IOT.

That’s why this telecommunications giant is looking to go beyond connectivity and is investing heavily in its very own cloud-based IoT platform.

Businesses have partnered with GO to provide vehicle tracking services that offer insights into route planning and optimisation, real-time location and stoppage monitoring, fuel consumption, vehicle diagnostics and predictive maintenance, temperature monitoring on refrigerated vehicles, driving behaviour and much more.

2021 Landmark Study

The Adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) among Maltese Businesses

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