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Cyber Phishing: Towards Safeguarding Your Digital Future

mecbtechmt - January 24, 2022 - 0 comments

Would you  open your attachment to claim the  €1 million prize promised in your email message?

Earlier this year, a courier company was in the spotlight. People were receiving SMS messages notifying them that they needed to press a link to collect their package. What’s alarming is that most weren’t expecting any packages because they didn’t order anything, yet they went ahead.  Would you have pressed such a link?

At the same time, the 4th industrial revolution is increasingly seeing an increase in digitisation in a range of sectors, with thus more individuals becoming prone to such scenarios.  As various examples illustrate, Cybercriminals tend to be deceiving.  They come up with various methods that people are not aware of. But how can we educate the vulnerable from such deceitful methods?

To precisely help individuals and organisations handle Cyber Phishing attacks, the European Commission is funding an Erasmus+ project, involving the Maltese organisation MECB Ltd, called CyberPhish aimed at developing relevant training material.  The training resources being developed will be freely available for others to use.  You can learn more about  Cyber Phishing and about this project, visit

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