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6 easy, yet effective SEO techniques to increase your website traffic in 2022

Keen Ltd. - March 29, 2022 - 0 comments


This practice will optimize your website by using on page optimization to satisfy this part of the algorithm whilst increasing the visibility for your target audience. Ultimately, this will, in turn, increase your organic traffic. Additionally, the use of on-page SEO shows the audience that the website is of high quality and reflects your expertise and authoritativeness. There are several practices that you can consider when using on-page SEO – some are mentioned below.

1. Technical Audit

Technical SEO Platforms like and help with detecting technical improvements. Here are quick wins that will improve your website performance and rankings

Making sure that the important pages on your website are indexable and crawlable. Should important pages be blocked from being indexed, Google and other search engines will not list such pages in the search results. 

Fixing broken links is another issue worth looking into, because if not these impede a webpage from being found by the target audience. Your website will lose, without being able to enthuse. Therefore, it’s important that all links lead to a live page, both for users and for search engines. 

For businesses who have an inhouse SEO specialist, is a fast and advanced website audit tool. What’s great about this too is that you pay £149.00 per year with unlimited use and free technical support.

2. Optimising Meta Tags

When looking for a specific search, as a search engine you automatically use keywords. This is what your target audience will also think about when searching for products or services within your area. Take for example the word ‘low sugar snacks’ – you will automatically find various websites with the word ‘low sugar snacks’ in their meta title, description and H tags, which will increase the visibility of their website being shown on search engines. Thus, it is important to optimise the page meta titles and meta descriptions for the most important keywords. Frequently, these will be the keywords with the highest search volumes.

3. Thin content pages

The technical SEO platform tools will also list all the pages that have thin content. Try to create useful content on these thin content pages for the user. Remember, Google can only read, they will not rank a page with thin content.  See the average content of the top 3 competing pages in Google and try to match that word count.

4. Improve the intent 

Intent has become a very important part of SEO optimization. Google’s primary goal is satisfying search intent, which in turn should be the primary goal for content and SEO teams. One way to determine search intent is by doing a search in Google for the search term you are trying to rank. Identify the top ranked pages and read through their content to determine the most relevant information and strategies for your website.

5. Create supporting content

Most websites have most of their content split between commercial and informational. Commercial pages are the pages that will make your business money, whereas informational pages are very important because it allows a website to demonstrate topical expertise and search engines. Therefore, if you have an e-commerce or a product- or service website, don’t create and rely only on those product or service pages, but also create more pages with informational content in the form of a blog or any other form of relevant content creation.


Off-page SEO is a very important ranking factor by Google and other search engines. When done properly – every quality link to your website is a vote of confidence to Google making it worthy of ranking at the top of search engines. Examples of activities that occur outside your website could be through social media marketing, influencer marketing, or guest blogging. Make sure to always ask for a do follow link to your website.  Additionally, the importance of linked mentions cannot be forgotten.

6. (Un) linked mentions

To fully use up your SEO opportunities, linking mentions of your site, brand or products and services on a 3rd party website back to your website will provide you with improved rankings and organic traffic. Without having a proper backlink – a hyperlink referring to your website – the mention holds little to no value to SEO efforts. You can use tools like and to find unlinked mentions and refine them to your brand’s needs.

There are many SEO techniques that can be employed to increase your website traffic. Off- page and on-page alike are important to exploit all corners and take full advantage of the opportunities both methods will provide you. It is important to follow the latest trends and to keep your website user-friendly. However, like many things, quality SEO will take a lot of energy and time to develop. Nevertheless, it is a strategy that will pay off for many more years to come. These 6 techniques are just a few of many practices you can take to bring your website to the next step.

Keep in mind that the ever changing markets and customer needs are requiring continuous efforts, especially now with the importance of online platforms. Search Engine Optimization is a forever moving concept that needs to be kept updated with internal and external changes for your website to stay visible and relevant, garner attention, and attract prospective and existing customers to your brand.

These SEO strategies might seem like a lot of time and effort to maintain, but sometimes you need to take a step back to stay on track. In order for your website to win first place, continuous SEO efforts can help your website to stay in the race.

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