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A Digital Journey: Hair & Beauty Parlour – Omorfia - July 13, 2021 - 0 comments in collaboration with Gadgets, met with Donna from Omorfia Parlour

As part of our efforts to guide and encourage businesses looking to take the #digitisation plunge, met with Donna – hairdresser and salon owner, to chat about how she innovatively took her hairdressing business from #offline to #online in the middle of a pandemic.

“I chose to adapt so that the business could continue… I didn’t know how to build a website, so I had to seek help. helped me to understand what was needed in terms of digital presence so that my business could thrive again. They guided me step by step on what I needed to do.”

Hair Salon and Nail & Beauty Parlour in Malta

Are you an #SME, #Business #Owner, or #Freelancer & don’t have an #online #presence yet?

We know transitioning from a fully offline business to fully online at the current rate of change can be more than a bit overwhelming — 🚨 especially if you’re not a digital native.

🙋 Fortunately, we understand the struggle. can guide you to take your business from offline to online and be ready for your first order – no prior experience needed!

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