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Tech of the Week: Chatbots & Conversational Marketing - October 27, 2022 - 0 comments

Chatbots & Conversational Marketing

Overview of product or service

The Growth Bully offers AI-Powered Chatbots for Messenger, Whatsapp & Instagram.

Reduce the strain on your workforce while increasing your sales & improving your customer experience through the development, management and ongoing optimisation of AI-powered Chatbots for Facebook Messenger, Instagram & Whatsapp.

When paired with automated Facebook Ads; this is a sales & lead-generation powerhouse in itself.

Value added features and benefits

Through this technology, we aim to alleviate the internal strains when dealing with customer service, sales & aftersales of selling through Social Media Channels. This technology allows A.I. Chatbots to generate, nurture & convert leads without lifting a finger.

Offer appointment booking, product information, after-sales service & more through Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or your website. Apart from this, the Chatbots that we develop, through AI automatically allow you to identify in which customer-stage a potential lead/sale is, in order to retarget using social media ads in an automated manner.
For example, a warm lead that’s looking to invest in PV Panels can be retargeted on social media with a visual (according to their position within the sales funnel) in order to give them another opportunity to convert & make the sale.

In summary:
Your Chatbot can handle every customer inquiry, collect data and bring customers back on autopilot.

Future updates and implementations

The possibilities with Artificial Intelligence are endless & constantly evolving for more applicable use-cases.

As AI gets smarter & more powerful; personalisation, customisation & functionality will continue improving as the technology gets developed further and further.

The possibilities are endless & are only limited to the creativity of the individual & functionalities of the network it is running on.

Name of solution created: Chatbots & Conversational Marketing

Tech used: Artificial Intelligence

Product by Growth Bully

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