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Tech of the Week: AI for large-volume nutritional value label recognition - November 3, 2022 - 0 comments

AI for large-volume nutritional value label recognition

Overview of product or service

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) involves the building, deployment, and management of software robots with the aim of emulating human interactions with software and digital systems. Such robots can perform a variety of defined actions such as completing the correct keystrokes, understanding screen elements, and more. The biggest benefit of RPA is that, unlike human beings, software robots do not need breaks, which results in increased efficiency and productivity.

The RPA value label recognition by iMovo eliminates the human-centred and laborious task of replicating the nutritional information, based on nearly every household consumable product from the specific item into a computerised system.

The system processes images found on nearly all household products to read the external labels and, using AI capabilities, capture all the necessary information using just the image and eliminating any human intervention. As part of the service, the nutritional value is saved onto a dedicated repository of information, and in this way provide the capability to enquire across a vast range of products.

Value added features and benefits

Our advisory services follow a simple but effective bespoke framework designed to identify the automation needs within a given environment, define the right tool for the job, implement the digitalised process and project manage the implementation to ensure smooth delivery. iMovo’s team of consultants are trained in the identification and implementation of the right automated workflows that enables businesses to:

Connect data, people, and systems: Documents, spreadsheets, records, and emails – it is largely all data. iMovo’s consultants assist clients to create intelligent workflows that automate the creation, processing, and analysis of corporate data. When these automated tasks run smoothly, business organisations can focus on more strategic tasks.

Amplify IT system by moving from disparate to integrated systems. Many organisations operate with multiple and disparate systems, apps and websites that are not connected. This can lead to outdated or incompatible data, duplicated work and ultimately wasted time and resources. Implementing RPA helps connect the disparate systems and streamline them into automated workflows, empowering business users and expanding IT.

End-to-end workflows to optimise your time and resources. By implementing the right RPA technology, iMovo consultants assist organisations to embed task assignments, emails, and notifications into workflows for employees to interact at key touchpoints. By optimising time and ensuring quality, productivity will invariably increase through automation and AI.

Future updates and implementations

The inbuilt AI engine may initially fail to recognise all the important information, but over a span of time increase its learning capabilities to ever-improve upon the output of each image process and optimise the overall business process. This is an excellent example of an AI-based application that eliminates repetitive and labour-intensive tasks that used to take considerable time to achieve, but which today can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

Name of solution created: AI for large-volume nutritional value label recognition

Tech used: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Product by iMovo

Tech of the Week: iMovo - Logo - Robotic Process Automation

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