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WATCH: BeSmartOnline – Cyberbullying Campaign - August 5, 2020 - 0 comments

Online Safety Project Brief

Throughout the past months, worked with various local influencers on a campaign to raise awareness about online safety, as part of the BeSmartOnline! Project. The campaign features strong messages about various themes such as: cyberbullying; inappropriate material; sexual harassment; fake reality; and the bright side of social media.

Cyberbullying – Real Messages

For a generation that relies heavily on technology in education as well as social platforms, the negative consequences of anonymous interactions on the internet and through mobile phones are leaving their mark.

Putting other people down doesn’t make you a bigger person. If you or your loved ones are experiencing cyberbullying, help is available through our BeSmartOnline project. It’s time to get real about the virtual world!

Transcript (English)

“If you talk to me again I will break your teeth and feed them to you”


It’s really bad getting these comments, and it’s almost worse sending them.


This message was sent to a girl called Charlene of 12 years


“If you talk to me again I will break your teeth and feed them to you”


The classic bully.


“Eeeeeewww!” Eww with a lot of A’s and Q’s. This was sent to Steve who’s 12 years old.


“I will put a knife to your throat if I see you in the street”.


I mean…

My heart is already beating really fast


Roxanne is 13. “You better use Head & Shoulders yuck you’re so dirty”


I don’t know, I mean, 13 year olds receiving these messages…


“I don’t know why anyone would want to be your friend you’re so fat”




“Hahaha you’re such a ridiculous faggot”


Thank God nowadays those who are gay, bisexual, whatever, we can see them coming out of their shell more.


There is nothing wrong with being homosexual


But obviously if you find someone who sends you these things, it’s more difficult to come out


Rebecca, 14, “You better buy a life from eBay because you don’t afford one what a loser! Lol”


I would tell this person “You’d better buy a dictionary because you need to learn how to write”


“Everyone agrees with me, it’s better you just die man”


Speechless, I mean


I don’t know what to say


I’m imagining the girls and my cousin’s daughter receiving these things. Incredible.



Then we wonder why a lot of kids unfortunately at this age harm themselves or end up commiting suicide, I mean these comments


I live on social media and I have never received these things. Today’s young kids have become worse than I ever remember them.


It’s really bad getting these comments and it’s almost worse sending them.


Unfortunately, on social media, it’s like a carte blanche, the fact that you can’t see them physically means they think they can say what they want to others


“Kill yourself and do us all a favour ****”


“I don’t want to spend a minute with you let alone be your friend”


“You’re such an attention seeker, I don’t give a f*** what you’re doing with your life”



This is a classic comment that influencers receive. I have received this.


“It’s better you lock yourself in a coffin and die”


Daniela, 14


Rebecca, 14 Years Old


16 years


Matthew, 13 Years Old


He’s 12


Michael, 14 Years Old


Thank God that’s it


Unfortunately the internet has brought with it the fact that you can hide behind a screen and write whatever you want


If people truly believe that a person can go jump, I don’t think half of them would do it


When something happens it’s “I’m so sorry” “I really didn’t want something like this to happen”. Don’t do it in the first place


I think a lot of people that send these comments do it to feel better about themselves or just to feel ‘cool’


They are satisfied by bringing someone else down so that they can feel better about themselves. Or because they’re cruel.


Afterwards we feel guilty about this and that


If I had to see this personally, if someone sends this to me, I’m tough enough today, but I wasn’t always like this


They have their life ahead of them, receiving these messages make you feel like garbage because that’s how I felt reading them let alone receiving them


I was hurt and I didn’t receive them, let alone those you received them


The problem is also the bully’s because he or she is confronting it in this way, by attacking someone else


They are trying to build up their confidence by hurting you


I was bullied because of my pimples and I was broken because I had acne all over my face which was something very normal and I was broken, let alone if someone told me to go jump


45% of kids between the ages of 9 and 16 say that they have experienced cyberbullying. This statistic to me is very alarming


I know it’s very difficult because I have received many of these comments as well, but if you know yourself you can fight them because it goes in from one ear and out the other. Believe in yourself so you break them and not they break you.

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