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WATCH: BeSmartOnline – Cyberbullying – Bright Side – Positive Effects of Social Media - November 19, 2020 - 0 comments

The Bright Side – Positive Effects of Social Media

Social media has its bright side. When used correctly and monitored properly, social media offers a number of benefits such as: building connections; sharing experiences and raising awareness.

Social media might have its dark side, but the reality is, most people are choosing to use it positively. For many, it’s an incredible connection to mentors, peers, and others outside their computer screens. The key for most parents is simply finding balance: controlling social media access and monitoring it in order to ensure that their children are among the ones using it appropriately.

The Series

Transcript (English)

The hundreds of women and the hundreds of people that message you and tell you “Thank you because I thought I was alone in this position”.


Lately when I had asked what’s positive for people on social media, there were people who mentioned for example, that certain very serious and real issues were given importance


Like every other thing, even though social media has it’s negative side, it has it’s good too


Social media is not just about your new bag or your new dress


Social media has helped me a lot apart from my fan base even for myself, I mean before I wasn’t the type of person to upload things about me singing here and there


Little by little I started sharing my stories, especially one that was from my heart , which was the story about my acne. When I shared it on social media and I realised that there are other people suffering like me, my confidence automatically started to increase because I knew that I wasn’t alone and they weren’t alone either.


I feel that it has helped me a lot to become more confident, even when I talk, a lot of people message me and I talk to them


What I took from social media , more than anywhere else, is the hundreds of women and the hundreds of people that message you and tell you “Thank you because I thought I was alone in this position”.


Something that was more difficult before was the immediate contact people can have with you.


I started to raise their confidence and they raised my confidence


Obviously no one enjoys it when someone starts teasing you but when someone talks to you genuinely and shares their experiences with you ——–


There were so so so many people that mentioned that they started their business because I started mine at a young age and I never thought that I could be an inspiration to someone or motivate others.


Many times I believe that many people trust you


There were some who told me that they started living a healthier life.


So I feel that I have this responsibility and I love doing it, being available to talk with people and relate to them


I believe that we all have a responsibility to not make life look perfect because, out there, it isn’t



It’s still important that you don’t  only show the positive side. For example during Covid , people were saying  “We can’t do anything because of Covid”, so I started posting more about things that you can do, so you would say “At least it’s not just complaining.”


The most beautiful thing on social media is the community. It’s what you can offer to the community. That is the most special thing for me. And I hope that they learn something from me but I can guarantee that I learn more from you than you do from me.

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