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WATCH: BeSmartOnline – Cyberbullying – Fake Reality - October 14, 2020 - 0 comments

Fake Reality

Social media has had a very deep impact on our lives. The world that we see on Facebook and other social media sites is not always a true and real world. A virtual life is shiny and bright… a place where people often post their prettiest pictures and share all their best news. Be aware that this may change perceptions of yourselves, others, and the world.

The Series

Transcript (English)

If you’re going to see 20 stories that I uploaded, you know how much time that is? 15 minutes of my day


I try to upload a lot of things that are more on the positive side


I don’t feel I am a person who always has to post what I’m doing


I think we have to always look at certain types of people or other people like us that post on their stories or statuses or whatever and realise the reasons why they are doing it.


My life on social media started 4 years ago when I had an account like everyone else, but I always felt comfortable sharing certain life experiences, the good and the bad.


I try to upload a lot of things that are more on the positive side


But in everyone’s life, everyone’s life isn’t perfect


Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything bad happen to me, actually far from it


Sometimes I post stories in the heat of the moment, I would really be angry about a situation that does make me angry in reality and I post, and this normally generates a lot of response from people, because they see that it is factual.


In these 4 years I have learnt that it is very important to mention the bad and not just the good, so that whoever’s watching doesn’t think I have a perfect life


I admire these influencers that have something to post everyday. It’s a very engaging job, let me tell you.


Since I’m a singer obviously and not an influencer, I still choose to upload things that have to do with my singing rather than my personal life.


These things affect you a lot mentally, both myself, that person that loves uploading and also the person that is watching me and I believe we both have a choice. I have the option to stop uploading if I get tired and you have the option to not watch me or those people that hurt you.


There might be people who are having a bad day and maybe your story or your post will cheer them up, you will change their day completely and they’ll feel better.


Sort of, why am I forced on social media to always, you know, keep the wheel turning, because if you don’t do this, your followers won’t be there for long.


It’s the reality that even though I share some things that are negative or because I argue with Ken, I don’t always share when I cried, I don’t always share when I argue with my husband.


How can I say, sometimes it’s a little bit difficult to find the middle line between you know, social media, my personal life and my life on stage.


Influencing has become almost like a song or a piece of art, for example. There is a song that is joyful, but that doesn’t mean that the person who wrote the song is always happy. The person who wrote that song might have been feeling down and that’s why he wrote a happy song.


Even though you think that the person you admire has everything, in reality, you definitely have something that this person wishes they have.

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