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WATCH: BeSmartOnline – Cyberbullying – Inappropriate Content – Part B - September 23, 2020 - 0 comments

Inappropriate Content – Part B

Online harassment should be challenged and addressed at every point. We cannot allow such harmful behaviour and content to undermine the significant benefits that the digital revolution can offer.

Through the BeSmartOnline project, we are offering an opportunity, not only to our children but to society at whole, to reflect on the safer and more responsible use of online technology.

The Series

Transcript (English)

You end up doing these things because you think that if you do them, you’ll feel good.


They take advantage of this situation.


I have a 12 year old daughter and she was harassed on Facebook by a foreign man. He started by asking her to send him photos of her belly. He then asked her to send a photo of her private part. Apparently the photo she sent wasn’t very clear and he told her “This isn’t clear enough I want a clearer one”. When she said no, he started threatening her that if she didn’t send him a video of her without clothes he was going to post all the photos she had sent him online. She came to me and I told her “I’ve told you these things a million times”. What do you do? She’s 12 years old.


I was waiting to see what this lady did because as she was talking I was trying to think what I would have done because I don’t know.


She has warned her about these things and she still played this stupid game with this man, this preditor obviously.


They’re still so young, I mean 12, 13, 14 they’re really really young.


If you want to feel better for these people because you have low self esteem, you’ll end up doing these things because you think that if you do, you’ll feel better.


What do you do? Get angry at her? I’m angry at him!


Whatever it is, even if they ask for a photo of your finger, if you sense that something doesn’t make sense, just don’t do it, trust your gut immediately.


Your life practically starts at the age of 12 and then these things happen, you want to tell your parents but at the same time you feel humiliated. It’s a very difficult thing.


My son came to me and my wife and he said that he didn’t know how he was going to tell us something uncomfortable that he did. He was chatting with his friend online, they turned on their webcams, and took off their clothes. His friend took a photo and within minutes he shared it in a group chat that they have with their school friends. You can imagine what my son went through, everyone staring at him and laughing in his face.


In situations like these, first of all it’s fortunate that this boy was mature enough and had the sense to talk to his parents.


In today’s day and age, everyone tries to hide behind their finger, like no one ever does anything and with the smallest thing these bullies have that can break you, they do it.


The worst thing is that he trusted him since he was his friend.


To try and break a person because they had a weak moment, I can’t understand how they enjoy it.

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