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Episode 10: Data Recovery (DR) Planning – Recovering from IT Disasters - November 4, 2021 - 0 comments

Disaster Recovery (DR) aims to ensure the smooth continuation of business whenever the technology infrastructure that supports critical business functions fails, as a result of a natural or human-induced disaster event.

DR planning involves defining a set of policies, tools and procedures that seek to:

  1. prevent a disastrous event from occurring;
  2. enable the recovery or continuation of key IT systems whenever an event .

Disaster Recovery assumes that the primary infrastructure is not recoverable (at least for some time) and represents a process of restoring data and services to a secondary infrastructure, located in an alternative location.

A good disaster recovery plan should include:

  1. An inventory of the organisation’s technology infrastructure (hardware and software)
  2. A definition of the organisation’s tolerance to the unavailability of systems and data – i.e. whether and for how long can the organisation operate without access to systems and data
  3. Identification of who is responsible for what whenever a disastrous event takes place, including and an appropriate communication plan
  4. Making sure your service-level agreements (SLAs) with your IT service providers include adequate handling of disasters/emergencies
  5. Information on how to handle sensitive information.

Organisations should routinely test their DR plan by simulating a disastrous event so as to ensure that the disaster recovery measures are followed by individuals and the organisation as a whole.

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