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Tech(nically) Funded Ep. 4 – MCST & MDB - April 12, 2023 - 0 comments

What do you and Steve Jobs have in Common.

Steve Jobs once had an idea; what know today as Apple Inc. He had an idea, he had a dream, and he worked for it.

Facebook, Walt Disney, Instagram, Amazon. In short, the list never ends. It started with an idea in someone’s mind.


Do you have an idea you would like to explore?



The Maltese Council for Science and Technology (MCST)

The Maltese Council for Science and Technology (MCST) is a public entity responsible for the national policy for Research and Innovation. The MCST provides assistance to researchers and enterprises based here in Malta so that they can develop their ideas into products or services through local or European funds. It is worth mentioning the national program called ‘FUSION’ that finance research and innovation projects from a basic concept to a product that can be commercialised.


The Maltese Development Bank (MDB)

The Maltese Development Bank (MDB) through its schemes and programs facilitates loans to businesses with better terms. Since the launch of its first scheme in 2019 the MDB has been a major contributor to the Maltese economy and during COVID-19 it ensured that hundreds of businesses continued to operate. To date, the MDB has supported 700 businesses through €600 million in loans and guarantees, equivalent to 13% of all outstanding business loans in Malta 91% of all beneficiaries are small and medium businesses.

The Bank also offers a very favourable study loans scheme. In fact, by the end of 2022 over 430 students have benefited from more than €15 million in subsidised loans and with favourable terms under the Further Studies Made Affordable scheme.

In 2022, the MDB launched two new schemes that support SMEs in their effort to grow and innovate loans of up to €750,000 under the Guarantee Scheme for SMEs and up to €10 million under the Scheme of guaranteed Co-Loan. In addition, the MDB also launched support measures to help businesses overcome the economic challenges brought about by the war in Ukraine.

Tech(nically) Funded

The Tech(nically) Funded campaign is based on the grants and incentives campaign. It is set to promote the financial access and resources tech companies and start-ups in Malta can benefit from. Furthermore, it enhances the idea of collaboration with other entities and Authorities – promoting Malta further as the tech hub of choice.


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