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Tech(nically) Funded Ep.1 – - March 30, 2023 - 0 comments

Have you heard about helps you, if you are a company owner or if you plan to open a business in this sector to success and even expand overseas. dedicates a lot of time to helping technology companies in Malta export products, services and more!

It also works hard to identify what is called a ‘foreign direct investment’ to encourage foreign investment toward the Maltese islands. From expert advice, and direct services, to local and international events. works to facilitate everything so that your company continues to grow!

For all this to be a success, and for each company to reach its aspirations, works very closely with various entities in the country and beyond.


Without a doubt, offers you an opportunity! was founded in 2019 with one main objective: to promote Malta as a hub for Innovative Technology.

Tech(nically) Funded

The Tech(nically) Funded campaign is based on the grants and incentives campaign. It is set to promote the financial access and resources tech companies and start-ups in Malta can benefit from. Furthermore, it enhances the idea of collaboration with other entities and Authorities – promoting Malta further as the tech hub of choice.


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