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inMalta Voices featuring Marinehound - March 27, 2024 - 0 comments

inMalta Feature - Nicholas Borg Calleja - marinehound


Ing. Nicholas Borg Calleja, Founder and CEO at marinehound


Company Description

Founded in 2021, marinehound™ is a pioneering Malta-based company on a mission to move the maritime industry towards a greener future. The company’s flag-ship marinehound™ product is an innovative remote pollution sensing technology to help maritime authorities achieve sulphur cap compliance in a sustainable and profitable manner.



inMalta Events Attended

GITEX Global (Dubai)

Can you share a specific experience during the inMalta 2023 event that impacted your business or professional growth?

Participating in GITEX Dubai, as part of the inMalta 2023 events, marked our first venture outside the European market. Initially sceptical about showcasing at such a massive global tech event, the experience surpassed our expectations. We gained significant exposure, attracting a good audience, and mostimportantly, we established new business relationships and partnerships that opened doors to markets beyond Europe. This leap out of our comfort zone into uncharted territory not only proved to be a valuable growth opportunity but also highlighted the importance of embracing global platforms for expanding our reach and forging meaningful connections in the tech industry.

How has participating in the inMalta 2023 international events helped your business in terms of visibility, networking, or other opportunities?

The exposure from GITEX Dubai significantly increased our brand visibility and enabled us to expand our networks into markets previously seen as challenging for a small company like ours. This event opened new market opportunities that we hadn’t considered in our initial business plan. We discovered that with the right partners, we can significantly reduce the go-to-market time in new territories, making it a game-changer for our expansion strategy. This experience underscored the value of leveraging international platforms to explore untapped markets and accelerate our growth beyond traditional boundaries.

What advice would you give to businesses considering joining the inMalta 2024 delegation?

Find the budget and go! Joining the inMalta 2024 delegation offers a significant advantage as it removes the logistical burden of setting up a booth and handling promotion activities. They take care of these aspects, allowing you to focus solely on representing your brand and building new relationships. This streamlined approach not only simplifies participation in such a significant international event but also maximises the opportunity to engage directly with potential partners and customers, enhancing your company’s global outreach and market expansion efforts efficiently.

Launching into the Tech Frontier

The inMalta working group comprises of, Malta Enterprise, FinanceMalta, GamingMalta and the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), who together are forging a way forward for promotional synergies with the aim of promoting Malta in international Summits and Expos.

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