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Create an Online Presence – Tap into the World of eCommerce - April 6, 2021 - 0 comments

Setting Up Your Online Store

Set up your store once to easily sync and sell across a website, social media, marketplaces like Amazon, and live in-person.

Take your small business global with built-in international payment tools and shipping support. If you already have a website for your business, but it doesn’t have an online ordering option, you can add a store to your existing website.

Choose payment options to accept credit card payments quickly and securely. Offering several options to your customers will increase conversion and reduce the number of abandoned carts.

Tap into eCommerce Locally & Abroad

Ideal for those who are looking to have an online store set up. Upgrade to the eCommerce Plan including an eStore, featuring Order Processing, Shopper Basket & Checkout, Product Listing & Category Search, and a personalised Blog/News where you can add posts to boost your website’s performance.

Did We Catch Your Attention? Create an Instant Experience!

  • Add an Online Booking System;
  • Add more content and extra pages to boost your website’s performance;
  • Add a Logo and Graphic Assets;
  • Social Media setup by professionals to maximise exposure. Includes: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Business;
  • Tell a more immersive story by combining Videos and Animations.

Are you an SME, Business Owner, or Freelancer & Choose to Go Digital?

Setting Up Your Online Store & Stock Management

You can add an entire store, categories, or single products to your website. Products are the physical goods, digital files, and services that you sell. With your eCommerce solution, you can sell products that you manufacture yourself, resell products of other suppliers, or use dropshipping services. It doesn’t matter which site builder you used to create your website — just connect your online store and you’re ready to go:

  • Add products or services;
  • Add business information, contacts, and location;
  • Enable payment options — You can use online and offline payment methods to accept money in your online store. We recommend including online payment to avoid contact with cash;
  • Set up pickup and/or local delivery.

Fast, Secure Payments

There is no limit to how many payment methods you can set up, but two-three methods should suffice and don’t distract shoppers from finishing their purchase. With online payment methods you can accept credit/debit cards, PayPal or cryptocurrency in your online store.

To accept payments online, you should open a merchant account with a payment processor and choose this payment processor (gateway) when adding an online payment method in your store.

All transactions are processed by third-party payment providers who have their own rules and may charge extra fees. Be sure to check these details with your preferred payment processor when setting up a payment method.

Online Payment Gateways

Benefits of Selling Online & Having an Online Business

Advantages of Having an Online Business

The online eCommerce industry is a highly competitive one with many large players leading the way in terms of innovation, user experience and product catalogues. aims to facilitate the development of an attractive, cutting-edge and user-friendly digital platform. This will capture the audience’s attention, generate new leads and ultimately maximising ROI in both time and money.

Here’s why you should get your business online:

  • Your business is available for customers anytime. While physical locations operate on fixed hours, online businesses can take orders all day and night;
  • An online business is less expensive to set up and operate;
  • Online business offers needed support in the event that you need to close or relocate location for any reason in the future. Having an online channel means you won’t depend on your physical location to keep operations running during the transition.

Best Practices for Site Design

You can fully personalize your website to express your brand style and tell your brand story. Choose a design theme on any platform with no coding skills required to craft a website — Each platform has an intuitive editor with lots of design options that help you make the site your own.

  • Customise: Choose the layout, typography, colours, images and more to personalize your site and reflect your business style. You can also further tweak and tinker your site and store design by adding CSS codes in your platform’s control panel.
  • Use high-quality photos: Effective photography helps to explain the brand message and showcase the catalogue. Upload optimised hi-res pictures for your site cover and product images.
  • Add your brand story: Make use of several blocks that help you present your company and explain to your customers who you are, what you offer, and what sets you apart. These blocks are Cover, Store, Company’s Mission, About, Testimonials, Location, Contact Information. You can choose which blocks to show and how to arrange them to better tell your business story.
  • Make the headline meaningful: The text that you enter as your website headline and description will be used for customers to see this not only when they visit your site but first in Google search results and will act there upon it. We recommend using keywords that are relevant for your business to attract the right audience.
  • Add customer reviews: Ask your customers for feedback about purchased products and add value to your site with their reviews to show how your products have helped them.
  • Security you can trust: The gold standard for e-commerce solutions worldwide. All credit card and transaction data are transmitted through secure HTTPS protocols, so merchant and customer data always stay secure. Choose a domain that reflects your brand or connect your own domain and get a free SSL certificate for your site address.
  • Mobile friendly: Platforms have adaptive designs and work well across different devices — mobiles, tablets, and widescreens.
  • Search engine friendly: Each solution is naturally indexed by Google and there are ways to further optimize your website for search engines.

Shipping That Works For You

Choose as many shipping rates and carriers as you like to provide you and your customers with the best experience. Before your first order, you must decide how you want to send your products to customers and how much to charge them for shipping. You can combine several shipping strategies in your store in order to cover all of your products and delivery locations.

Calculating Shipping Costs

Different factors can affect the actual cost of sending your products to the buyer, such as:

  • Package weight and dimensions: Shipping carriers like MaltaPost, USPS, FedEx, and UPS calculate shipping charges based on the actual weight of the package or its dimensional weight.
  • Shipping destination: Your shipping costs will be higher if you offer international shipping in your store.
  • Value of shipped products: If you sell high-value products you may want to insure their shipment which will increase shipping costs.
  • Delivery times: Some buyers prefer to pay for expedited shipping; this cost is based on where the buyer is located.

Calculating shipping costs will help you choose a shipping strategy and decide at what price to sell the products. If your margin is high, you may want to absorb the costs of shipping domestic orders and offer free shipping to your local customers. To compensate for shipping expenses, you can slightly increase product prices in your online store.

Smart Shipping Calculator

Help your customers choose the right shipping method with real-time shipping rates that let them see costs based on their location. You can choose to charge your customers the exact amount that you pay for getting their order shipped. You can use online calculators to check how much shipping carriers charge to ship products of different weights and dimensions to different destinations from your location.

If you’ve just started your online business and sell locally, you can offer a local pickup, or deliver the ordered goods yourself. You can also use simple packaging for orders and hand-write shipping labels to reduce expenses at the start.

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