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56Bit Ltd

Infrastructure, Operational Technology, Continous Delivery, Test Automation, Devops, DDoS Protection, Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Continuity (BC), Caching (CDN), Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD), Infrastructure as Code (IaC), High-Availability, Cost Optimization, Security Posture reviews & updates

Company Details

56Bit focuses on providing clients with best-in-class cloud infrastructure platforms. - All solutions delivered are highly-available with inbuilt auto-healing functionality following best practices and industry standards. - Such platforms are built using Infrastructure as Code which give numerous advantages such as modularity, consistency and scalability. 56Bit provides both expert Consultancy services, as well as Implementation, Migration and 24/7 Support services. 56Bit's objective is to provide its clients with infrastructure platforms built to scale and built to last. It makes sure that the suggested infrastructure platforms meet the client's needs and are as future proof as possible while being flexible enough to be able to enhance the application sitting on top of the infrastructure.

Company Reg. No: C92422
Years in Operation: 1-5 Years
Area of Business: It Professional Services Architecture Cyber Security Automation Technology Consulting Etc, It Managed Hosting Support Services, Consultancy, Staff Augmentation
Industries/Expertise: Agriculture Forestry Fishing, Communications Media, Education, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Nonprofit, Power Utilities, Public Safety And National Security, Retail Consumer Goods, Services, Travel Transportation, Wholesale Distribution, Gaming, Construction, E-Commerce
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