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inMalta Voices featuring Exigy - March 20, 2024 - 0 comments

inMalta Feature - Francois Grech - Exigy


Francois Grech, Managing Director at Exigy


Company Description

For over 20 years, Exigy has led the charge in numerous digital transformation projects, both locally and internationally. Leveraging our extensive industry expertise, we specialize in delivering top-tier technology solutions to a diverse range of corporate and public sector clients. As proud Microsoft Gold Partners, we remain at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.



inMalta Events Attended

Web Summit (Lisbon)

Can you share a specific experience during the inMalta 2023 event that impacted your business or professional growth?

Our experience attending the Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon alongside inMalta was incredibly fruitful. It granted us with the opportunity to showcase our Cloud-powered HR platform ‘Brightspark’to several international businesses eager to supercharge their HR processes. The event also allowed us to leverage ourselves on an international stage alongside other leading businesses in Malta, strengthened our credibility and positioned Brightspark as a competitive player in the global market.

Participation provided us with invaluable networking opportunities, allowing us to establish partnerships with key players in the industry and secure strategic alliances that have since propelled our business forward.

Overall, the support provided by inMalta and the exposure gained from participating in the event were instrumental in expanding our reach and accelerating our growth trajectory beyond what we could have achieved independently.

How has participating in the inMalta 2023 international events helped your business in terms of visibility, networking, or other opportunities?

Participating in the inMalta 2023 international events, particularly the Web Summit, has been immensely beneficial for our business in terms of visibility and networking. At the event, we had the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of professionals spanning various industries and company sizes, from Marketing Experts to HR Executives. Through these interactions, we not only showcased our Cloud-powered HR platform ‘Brightspark’, but also learned about the latest trends and innovations in the global market.

Furthermore, we established several valuable connections with startup founders and industry leaders, paving the way for potential collaborations and knowledge exchange. These networking opportunities have enriched our understanding of market dynamics and provided valuable insights that will inform our strategic decisions as we continue to expand internationally.

This has not only elevated our visibility on a global scale but also facilitated meaningful connections and partnerships that are instrumental in driving our business growth and success.

What advice would you give to businesses considering joining the inMalta 2024 delegation?

Maltese-based businesses seeking to unlock their full potential should seize the opportunity and join the inMalta 2024 delegation. This platform offers a unique avenue for local businesses to connect with like-minded counterparts both domestically and internationally, fostering collaboration and growth opportunities that might otherwise be challenging to access independently.

By being a part of this delegation, businesses gain invaluable exposure to a diverse network of industry professionals, potential partners, and investors, thereby expanding their reach and enhancing their competitiveness in the global market. Additionally, the curated events and initiatives organised by inMalta provide tailored support and resources to help businesses thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

As a proud participant in previous delegations, we have experienced firsthand the immense value that inMalta brings to the Maltese business community. We eagerly anticipate continued collaboration within the inMalta ecosystem and warmly welcome new businesses to join us in unlocking new opportunities and driving collective success.

Launching into the Tech Frontier

The inMalta working group comprises of, Malta Enterprise, FinanceMalta, GamingMalta and the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), who together are forging a way forward for promotional synergies with the aim of promoting Malta in international Summits and Expos.

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