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inMalta Voices featuring Zerafa Advocates - March 13, 2024 - 0 comments


Dr. Omar Zerafa, Founder and Advocate of Zerafa Advocates


Company Description

Zerafa Advocates is a law practice focused on bridging the conventional financial services industry with technology. We specialise in innovative projects that are based on fintech, distributed ledger technologies, crypto and digital financial instruments.



inMalta Events Attended

Web Summit (Lisbon)

Can you share a specific experience during the inMalta 2023 event that impacted your business or professional growth?

The inMalta event we have attended in Lisbon allowed us to form part of a team that comes from diverse organisations and government entities. We all had one goal: to promote our jurisdiction. Based on the feedback received, this joint effort showed potential clients that we are a strong jurisdiction with a private industry that is also supported by government agencies.

How has participating in the inMalta 2023 international events helped your business in terms of visibility, networking, or other opportunities?

This initiative enabled us to have a presence at an event at a fraction of the cost that we would have paid if we set up a stand wholly dedicated for us. By pooling resources, we have achieved the same results which would have otherwise required extensive investments from our end. This made the event more approachable. The fact that the whole jurisdiction was showcased also gave us an enhanced image with potential clients.

What advice would you give to businesses considering joining the inMalta 2024 delegation?

InMalta events are very well organised and bring together a team that is experienced and fun to work with. We will certainly be extending our participation in future events.

Launching into the Tech Frontier

The inMalta working group comprises of, Malta Enterprise, FinanceMalta, GamingMalta and the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), who together are forging a way forward for promotional synergies with the aim of promoting Malta in international Summits and Expos.

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