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Episode 11: Managing Insider Threats - November 9, 2021 - 0 comments

An insider is typically an employee of an organisation that has authorisation to access a company system or confidential information, and through such authorisation has the potential to intentionally or unintentionally disclose, delete or modify such information or cause a denial of service to the information system.

Although malicious acts by insiders are rare, the potential for insiders to cause disruptive action, even if unintentionally, can have detrimental effects on a business.

In order to appropriately mitigate insider threats it is key to:

  1. Carry out pre-employment security checks on employees
  2. Implement an appropriate information security policy including robust access controls and account management policies and procedures
  3. Promote a strong security culture across the organisation
  4. Deploy information and communications technologies that facilitate the ongoing logging and monitoring of employee activity

Security in the Digital Economy

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