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Tech of the Week: Fe/male Switch - October 13, 2022 - 0 comments

Fe/male Switch

Overview of product or service

Fe/male Switch is the first startup role-playing game for women that steers them towards building their own tech startups and entering the IT world.

The game puts a user into a virtual startup village where with the help of a game mistress, the team together with an investor and a mentor create a startup, gain startup experience, win prizes, and get funded.

Value added features and benefits

Fe/male Switch platform solves one of the most acute problems in the business ecosystem: there’s no data about female entrepreneurship which is the result of a huge deficit of women in STEM and startups.

Our startup simulator educates potential entrepreneurs and tech employees and gives them a taste of the startup experience. The Bias Score algorithm that works on top of the platform aims to eliminate gender bias from textual data sources, thus adding a data-informed approach to increasing the success rate of female-founded companies.

Combine this with microfunding and 50% of the population are going to get a decent chance at getting into tech.

Future updates and implementations

Yes, we start with prototypes and eventually improve the solutions, based on the market feedback. It is especially easy with zero-code tools that we utilize in parts of the propositions. This allows for instantaneous changes to be implemented.

Name of solution created: Fe/male Switch

Tech used: Blockchain, Saas, AI, no-code solutions

Product by Fe/male Switch

Tech of the Week: Fe/male Switch - Logo

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Tech of the Week - Fe/male Switch - Startup Simulator

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