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Tech Heads Episode 7: Fighting Marine Pollution, Check Out How This Maltese Company Is Making Waves - October 12, 2022 - 0 comments

Marine pollution is one of the biggest climate change battles the world facing.

Whether it’s snorkelling, swimming, or cruising on a yacht, everyone loves the ocean. But are we doing enough to protect it? 

Going for a day trip to Comino or spending a relaxing Sunday on the boat with friends can have more than one negative impact on the surrounding environment. The amount of fuel that is dumped in the ocean to travel by sea is extraordinary.

We met with Nicky Borg Calleja, founder and CEO of Marine Hound. A local company who have joined the fight against the use of illegal fuel which has detrimental effects on our health, our environment and of course, marine life.

Keeping tabs on the amount of sulphur used in fuel is currently very time consuming. Marine Hound’s technology will dramatically change the way checks are done. 

Marine Hound has completely revolutionised the detection of illegal through emission control areas in ports and in ocean.

Fighting marine pollution one check at a time, Nicky Borg Calleja talks us through the technology and the instrumental assistance provided by when he was starting up.

Marine Hound and other start-ups, businesses, and innovators are constantly promoted by by facilitating and connecting businesses and creators. The foundation hopes to help these organisations make strategic technological changes.

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