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Window of Opportunity – The First Edition of TECH.MAG - June 26, 2020 - 0 comments

The First Edition of TECH.MAG is out now!

TECH.MAG’s first edition is up and loaded. Be the first to read the online version of TECH.MAG now!

Tech.mag will be supporting in playing a vital role in taking the profile tech industry to another level, building on the strengths that it already enjoys and serving as a springboard for local tech companies to flourish by supporting their products and services locally and beyond Malta’s shores.

Tech.mag is the official Magazine. It fuses thoughtful journalism into the rapidly evolving world of tech innovation with dazzling, quality design.

Features include exclusive interviews with local & international tech leaders, banking, AI, education, tax infrastructure, COVID-19, startups, apps and gadgets.

Editor’s Letter

Anthony P. Bernard, an editor of Tech.mag, welcomed readers to the first edition of the magazine which is dedicated to supporting and its role in taking Malta’s tech industry to another level.

Technology is no longer seen as something new or only for the younger generations – it has infiltrated all our lives and it would be challenging to imagine our daily existence without the devices and conveniences that technology has provided.

Embracing technology is clearly the preferred way forward as is evident from the Covid-19 pandemic that engulfed the world. The global village that we were used to was overturned in a matter of weeks; however, technology was seen as the solution to adapt and keep going. People were able to work from home thanks to laptops, VPNs and cloud storage solutions; students were able to resume lessons from home thanks to various meeting software solutions, and the media was always at hand to provide news and entertainment as people were confined to their houses.

Technology has built industries (and closed others), but it has always led people to be innovative. Whether in themselves or in their work, those people who can adapt and use technology to their benefit, rather than seeing it as an adversary are those who have succeeded and will continue to do so.

Read the full article by Anthony P. Bernard on Page 4 of Tech.mag

TECH.MAG’s first edition

“TECH.MAG, like MONEY, is a compelling combination of brains and beauty”

First Edition OUT NOW!

David Xuereb on the Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Vision 2020 and their collaboration with

When asked about the five-year economic vision for the Chamber of Commerce and as a collaboration, David Xuereb explained that the chamber is going through a major change right now. It has drafted a business plan for its members and a business plan for itself to ensure that whatever the Chamber is doing adds the maximum value to its membership – that’s #1. Number two, the Chamber has reached out to all the youngsters, and to the new technologies out there that need to form part of our overall disclosure to ensure that we are completely relevant. The third is that the Chamber has looked at its statute to ensure than their actions and business is as business-friendly and as efficient as possible.

The Chamber over the next years will be focusing on its thematic committees that will be highly relevant to the members and will give life to the vision as set out in our Economic Vision document.

David Xuereb
``Clearly the 'Sons and Daughters' of the Chamber -, Trade Malta, Education Malta, Malta Business Bureau - are very important parts of the business of the Chamber``

— David Xuereb

President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is in constant contact with the directors and CEO of to ensure that all actions and decisions are taken efficiently.

Read the full interview between Giselle Borg Olivier and David Xuereb on Page 16 of Tech.mag

Dana Farrugia, CEO of, on the relatively new entity – what has it been up to and where is it going?

When asked about the vision of, Dana Farrugia explained that its main function was always to promote the national strategy for technology and innovation. This encompasses the whole technology sector which includes AI, blockchain, cloud software development, business analytics, robotics, quantum and all the works – so both the regulated and unregulated side of technology.’s main responsibility with regard to promoting national strategy is growth and stability in the sector. Malta has other sectors who have their promotional arm, like FinanceMalta for example, which promotes the finance sector, and GamingMalta does the same for the gaming industry, so when Hon. Silvio Schembri was responsible for this remit, he decided that technology deserved to have the same setup. That was’s inception and we have been delving into strategic moves to identify the needs of the sector.

Another important facet of is to include the student sector in our strategy; to meet the demand from the sector by creating more awareness. Also, since it’s a very dynamic and innovative sector we want to hear from the generations who have been introduced to technology since birth, therefore their needs and the way they communicate is different to older generations.

Technology is no longer a choice, but a fundamental business strategy that must be interwoven with wider operative initiatives. In a world after COVID-19, we will continue seeing technology playing a leading role in the reshaping of entire industries and generating efficiency gains. The main commitment at lies in pointing technology companies in the right direction.

“Post COVID-19, your business needs to set its presence in the customer’s life, digitally”

When asked about’s next big project for this year, Dana Farrugia spoke about continuing on their past efforts to promote the technology sector both locally and abroad and to establish tangible relationships that can help Maltese businesses attract foreign investments to Malta.

Dana Farrugia
``Thanks goes to our local technology sector, for exercising resilience during this pandemic and being a backbone to other economic sectors``

— Dana Farrugia


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