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Request for Tuition Services from Qualified Tutors for the delivery of the Excelerate Programme

Interested Tutors are to:

  • Be in possession of a qualification recognised by MFHEA at MQF level 6 or above.
  • Prepare lesson plans, presentations, lectures and assessment material and correction of the latter. The curriculum for the seven units listed is already available.
  • Provide adequate premises for the delivery of the online training sessions to the students.
  • Acquaint and avail the LMS Platform provided by
  • Maintain communication with the students and answer to their queries they might have on the unit being learnt within 5 working days.
  • Be prepared that the Excelerate course might be required to be delivered during specific tailormade hours, depending on the availability of the students.
  • Provide a timesheet with details as evidence for auditing purposes.
  • Provide with the lesson plans, presentations, and assessments material at least 3 weeks before the training starts.
  • Encourage participants to complete the course.


Date and time for the submission of Quotes: Friday, 28 October 2022 at 09:30am

Electronic Tendering – View CfT Workspace (

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