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Tender: Provision of Venue, Set-Up and Catering Services for an Event Organised by – Taking into consideration seasonality of food and minimising waste generation

Overall Objective

The overall objective of this contract shall be the provision of a venue, setup, and catering services for the e-Business Awards event organised by

Specific Objectives

To provide the venue, set-up, catering facilities for the event organized by with the aim:

  • To provide a venue/hall in a stand-up Bistro style for two hundred (200) attendees with a minimum of 50sqr. meters;
  • To provide an open bar networking area style with flowing food and beverages, including water, wine and spirits to be supplied across the whole event of 5 hours;
  • To provide appropriate signage stands at the venue to be provided and coordinated by the contractor, leading guests to the hall. The signage shall include the logos of the eBusiness Awards which will be provided by the Contracting Authority. Also, the venue shall include easily accessible and clearly marked fire exits and fire points as established by the Occupational Health and Safety Authority;
  • To provide fifty (50) parking spaces.
  • To setup and manage the hall and event as follows:
    1. Three (3) full open bars
    2. Finger food (an item every eight (8) min)
    3. High round bistro tables – QTY twenty-five (25)
    4. Registration table with four (4) chairs including welcoming drinks and food items.
    5. Podium for awards presentation including audio and visual equipment as per clause 4.2 of this Section 3;
  • The venue has adequate air-conditioning or heating facilities with enough lavatory facilities for the number of participants.
  • To deliver a successful event for the e-Business Awards in promotion of the Tech sector.


Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: 01/09/2022 09:30



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