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Created By the Government of Malta and the Malta Chamber of Commerce To Promote the National Strategy on innovative technology
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Expression of Interest

Join-to-Pitch (International) – Re-Engineering Manufacturing & Retail for the New Norm

The Malta Chamber is organising two digital events as part of Enterprise Europe Network, hosting webinars, pitching sessions and B2B meetings between 14th -15th April 2021 (Manufacturing) & 28-29th April 2021 (Retail) Expression of Interest - Join-to-pitch - Showcasing technology for manufacturing and retail

The purpose of the event is to reignite business activity within the two vertical industries in a meaningful and sustainable way.

The event will endeavour to bring together manufacturing, retail and technology companies with corporate service providers, public entities, and academia to learn, meet and engage in the current recovery phase.

The facility will help businesses align their activity to consumer expectations by restructuring their operations sustainably, optimising the use of technology and engaging with new potential local and international partners to help them embrace the challenges posed by the New Norm.

If you are interested to learn more, or wish to REGISTER, you can do so here:


The Malta Chamber in collaboration with Tech.MT, will be organising a pitching session on 29th April between 0900hrs and 1030hrs, to provide exposure to INTERNATIONAL technology companies, to attract the attention of investors and end-users in the manufacturing and retail industries, about a distinct product to promote.

It is an excellent opportunity to boost your visibility with future potential buyers and business collaborators, improving your capability to grow and reach out to new local and international clients.

If chosen, you will be assigned a brief timeslot to showcase and impress buyers with your distinct solution.

If you believe that you can satisfy the requirements of the Expression of Interest, we encourage you to send us a motivation letter, underlining the outstanding features of your solution and explaining clearly how the retail and/or manufacturing sectors can benefit from it.

A detailed CV with supporting documentation which can substantiate the motivation of this call are highly encouraged.

This is a competitive call and places are limited. Participants will be evaluated and selected based on the strength of their application.

Applications should be titled ‘Join-to-Pitch’ and reach Ms Julia Aquilina on by latest Wednesday, 7th April 2021, 1700hrs.

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