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Local Payment Gateway Providers

The digital revolution has enabled more businesses to engage in eCommerce, locally generating over €2.1 billion in total turnover in 2020. The NSO estimates that Malta’s eCommerce sales are 5% higher than the EU-27 average and sales through eCommerce have been steadily increasing year on year.

This, together with the outbreak of a global pandemic has accentuated the need for businesses to trade online and hence, the demand for online payment gateway services has surged.

At, we understand that local payment gateway service providers need as much exposure as possible to reach businesses who are looking for such services. Therefore, is planning on spearheading a campaign to shed light on the importance of having a well-built, secure payment gateway to complement an eCommerce platform and in turn, providing local payment gateway providers with a promotional boost.

If you are a local payment gateway service provider, we would be delighted to hear from you to be part of our upcoming campaign.

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