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Malta – A Business & Tech Centre

The Maltese Islands have become a hive of activity for technology, finance, and international business, fuelled primarily by attractive fiscal advantages and low business costs. As a result, the quantity and quality of international businesses establishing a presence in Malta is increasing at a steady rate.

While the commercial benefits of doing business in Malta are many, the main advantages include:

  • State-of-the-art technology hosting and connectivity services;
  • A strategic location, being within three hours direct flight time from Europe’s major financial and tech centres;
  • An educated, dedicated, and multi-lingual workforce with a strong work ethic and the availability of top professionals at competitive rates;
  • Full membership of the European Union providing a safe, secure, and pleasant Mediterranean lifestyle.

Getting Started as a Business – The Basics

Businesses that are still in their setting up phase require particular assistance to help them make that first step towards success. Start-ups need a mix of resources and support in order to flourish, primarily external guidance, access to finance and a location from where to operate. There are various incentives available that will help a business take off and establish roots for successful operations. has successfully assisted with several international & local merger & acquisition transactions, tender offers, placements, corporate restructurings, & transfers of business.

Business 1ST: Central contact point through which entrepreneurs will be able to carry out all the required procedures for the setting up, running and the development of business in Malta.

Malta Enterprise: Developed various incentives for the promotion and expansion of industry and the development of innovative enterprises. can help you navigate through grants and incentives.

Are you an SME, Business Owner, or Freelancer & Choose to Go Digital?

Why Malta – Leading Through Innovation

With a drive to expand the value of the technology industry in Malta, aims to position Malta as a quality, creative tech-savvy country and promote Malta as a suitable set-up for foreign direct investment, whilst also promoting the local technological industries abroad.

  • is well set to offer timely and pragmatic advice on all aspects of Maltese Corporate law as well as on related company incorporation structures for Tech start-ups in Malta.
  • has successfully assisted with several international and local, merger and acquisition transactions, tender offers, placements, corporate restructurings, and transfers of business.

Strategic Partnership for Tech Start-ups and Academia

At we understand that start-ups and small businesses need as much assistance as possible to take their business to the next level – whether it’s at concept validation, product development, launching on the market or reaching clients.

  • Given the challenging conditions that start-ups or small businesses face, investing in consultancy or high-end expertise is an expense that only few may afford.
  • will provide local tech start-ups with pro-bono, unbiased feedback from an external perspective, management advice, strategic planning and marketing tactics.

Strategic Partnerships with Industry has partnered with industry leaders to offer assistance to start-ups and/or students which have an innovative concept but don’t have the knowledge or the experience to move their concept forward.

If you are interested in forming part of this initiative, kindly apply online.

Minimising the Digital Divide: Informative Training Programmes

Minimising the Digital Divide will remain one of’s priorities in 2021, through the various ongoing & upcoming projects. Visit all the projects.

Creating a Basic Digital Presence Online has partnered with industry leaders to guide and assist SMEs, Start-Ups, Sole-Traders and Freelancers with website design and development strategies for your business that will deliver qualified leads and measurable results, providing integration across both online and offline platforms to maximize performance. set direction and work as collaborators, turning your vision into a clear executable plan. - Digital Transformation - 10 Metrics For Digitally Transforming Revenue Channels And Growth

How to Take Your Business Online

We know transitioning from a fully offline business to fully online at the current rate of change can be more than a bit overwhelming — especially if you’re not a digital native. Fortunately, we understand the struggle. can guide you take your business from offline to online and be ready for your first order. – no prior experience needed.

Selling Through Multiple Sales Channels

Consumers research, browse and buy using multiple sales channels, online, through social platforms, on their mobile devices and in-person. Clearly, selling everywhere is crucial for your business to thrive in today’s market. That’s why if you’re not serving your customers across multiple sales channels and devices, now is the time to do so.

Digital Presence on Social Media

Easy-to-use marketing tools like Google and Facebook advertising to grow your business fast. works together with businesses to develop media strategies that will deliver qualified leads and measurable results, providing integration across both online and offline platforms to maximize media performance. The power of good, consistent imagery cannot be underestimated. Within channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, image-led posts have a much greater engagement rate than any other.

Audience First & Data-Driven will help adopt an audience-first content strategy approach will combine data-driven insights on content and audiences with conversation-led editorial and targeting social media marketing. Whilst news and results based communications will form an important part of regular content, your social media and digital channels are not broadcast only. Interaction and engagement will ensure we are listening to our fanbase.

Social Media & Digital Communications Channel Approach

Primary channels for social media and digital communications are split across the following owned and third-party channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Google Business
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

Putting the Fan First and Personalising Activation

  • Grow and develop a highly-engaged follower base;
  • Always-on content stream across multiple channels;
  • Providing an ever-present voice for the brand, engage fans and create unique experiences;
  • Short / medium / long-form content represents your publisher brand status;
  • Complement you are always-on feeds through rich storytelling, interactive experiences and engaging content for our brand and partners.

Social Media Post Scheduling

Regular posting is key – even before the official launch of your website. You need to keep at the top of people’s feeds and remain a topic of conversation – not forgotten. -IoT - Prepare for IoT

Take Your Offline Business – Online: Creating a Basic Online Presence

Basic Website Ideal For Anyone has prepared a starter-kit package with the option of facilitating an online website. Including a responsive 5-page website that comes with a .com domain, tailor-created content, stock photography, SSL certification, CMS and fully-integrated SEO Keywords & SEO Best Practices to rank high on Google Search. This is a basic website ideal for anyone who wants to showcase services and products, along with information on their business.

  • Number of pages: 5
  • Style of design: Attractive & User Friendly
  • Responsive Design: Yes
  • Copywriting # of pages: 5 (500 Words)
  • SEO Best Practices: Including Industry Specific Keywords
  • Database Integration: Basic
  • CMS: Yes

Best Practices for Website Design & Development website packages also come with Google Analytics. Through Google Analytics you will be able to track and analyse your website’s performance in an in-depth manner. This is  essential for business owners who are looking for ways to improve their trade and implement new strategies that will help them shape their success.

Analyse, Strategize, Advertise, Optimise & Keep Everything Secure! will guide in building websites and blogs that are designed in a responsive and SEO-friendly manner, as well as professionally-written custom created content. Moreover, every online package includes the necessary online security features and SSL certificates, to prevent cyberattacks from harming your online business.

Sell on a Website

To start accepting orders online, you need an eCommerce-enabled website. If you’ve never dealt with websites before, no worries! You can easily set one up on a free online service provider all by yourself. With a free online platform you can easily create a new website from scratch, customizable design tools, or quickly add an online store to your existing website with technology that instantly mimics your current design.

Online Service Providers (Platforms & Solutions)

Online Service Providers

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