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inMalta Voices featuring AIRO Ltd - February 19, 2024 - 0 comments

inMalta Feature - Ian Bugeja - AIRO Ltd


Ian Bugeja, CEO at AIRO Ltd


Company Description

AIRO specialises in IT Administration/Department Outsourcing, MSP, vCIO services and building custom web/mobile/software solutions for companies around the globe. We also developed Netumo, a platform to monitor and manage the security and uptime of online infrastructure.


inMalta Events Attended

GITEX (Dubai) and Web Summit (Lisbon)

Can you share a specific experience during the inMalta 2023 event that impacted your business or professional growth?

One of the most transformative experiences for us at the inMalta 2023 event, part of GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, was receiving invaluable feedback on integrating advanced security features into Netumo, our flagship product. The feedback came from a series of in-depth discussions with cybersecurity experts and potential clients who emphasized the critical need for robust security measures in today’s digital environment. This feedback was a catalyst for us, highlighting an urgent need to prioritize security within Netumo not just as a feature, but as an integral part of our value proposition. Since then we have adopted these suggestions and also started gaining from this. The event underscored the importance of community and expert engagement in steering the direction of technology development.

How has participating in the inMalta 2023 international events helped your business in terms of visibility, networking, or other opportunities?

Participating in the inMalta 2023 events, GITEX in Dubai and Web Summit in Lisbon, significantly boosted our visibility, expanded our networking, and unlocked new opportunities. Showcasing Netumo on these global conventions increased our exposure to a wide audience, from potential partners to industry influencers, amplifying our brand presence far beyond traditional boundaries.

The networking opportunities were unparalleled, connecting us with tech leaders, potential customers, and strategic partners, fostering relationships that are vital for our growth and expansion. These interactions have not only enhanced our market positioning but also opened doors to collaborative ventures and market insights that are pivotal for our strategic direction.

Moreover, the visibility and connections we gained have directly translated into tangible opportunities, from new business leads to insights that inform our product development and innovation strategies.

What advice would you give to businesses considering joining the inMalta 2024 delegation?

You need to define your goal, is it for partnerships, visibility or feedback. You must prepare to present your products or services compellingly to an international audience. Utilize every chance to connect with potential partners and industry peers. The value of these events often lies in the relationships formed. Participate in discussions, use social media, and engage with the press. And finally after the event, promptly follow up on leads and contacts.

Launching into the Tech Frontier

The inMalta working group comprises of, Malta Enterprise, FinanceMalta, GamingMalta and the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA), who together are forging a way forward for promotional synergies with the aim of promoting Malta in international Summits and Expos.

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